Eco Rascals eco-friendly tableware

Organic Products
Eco rascals is the brainchild of two mums on a mission to ensure plastic tableware becomes a thing of the past.  Eco-conscious families can say goodbye to using plastic and hello to safe and non-toxic FSC certified natural and organic bamboo and food grade silicone.  Naturally organic bamboo is as beautiful as it is practical.  It is easy to clean,  biodegradable, and matures rapidly without the requirement of pesticides.
Each plate and bowl from eco rascals comes with a super suction base available in a host of vibrant colours.  Children love mealtimes with eco rascals feeding range, as they can navigate their plate or bowl independently without worrying it’ll fall off the table or highchair, or that those pesky peas might touch their pasta!  Also available in the range are spoons, cups, straws and snack pots.  As more and more parents are demanding eco-friendly products, there is no better time than now to stock a variety of eco products in your store.

Bamboo Plates

Dinnertime is roarsome fun with the animal and transport plates from eco rascals.  With two large sections in the plate, food can be easily separated so babies can enjoy the discovery of new tastes.
The silicone suction ring ensures the plate stays put. Easy to clean with warm soapy water and available in a number of suction base colours. The Bamboo dinosaur plate (pictured below) comes with a detachable silicone super-suction base in limited edition colourways – purple, green and navy – which means that little people can enjoy their mealtimes without the worry of moving bowls and plates which all too often end up on the floor. The suction base is removable when no longer required.  Section plates are proven to reduce stress around trying new foods at mealtimes. The different sections are great for dried food but can also be used for yoghurt and cereal too. The walls of the sections support children to self-feed with their own utensils.  There is a wide selection of designs on offer to suit every little food explorer!

Bamboo Spoons for Babies & Toddlers

Also pictured below is the Bamboo spoons for babies and toddlers from 4m+ Lightweight and ergonomically designed to be a great first spoon for children to use, the bamboo handle is easy to hold and the detachable silicone feeder is soft on gums and easy to clean. The spoon’s silicone spoon feeder/tip comes in six vibrant colours and are made from FDA approved 100% silicone, free of plastic, BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates.

Eco rascals also has a selection of bowls, snack pots, cups and gift sets in the range, offering you a complete eco-friendly feeding solution for your customers.

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