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Weaning products that use less plastic, are made from biodegradable materials or use less energy are becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst environmentally conscious parents and can provide a key factor in purchasing decisions. As one of the UK’s best-known weaning brands, Beaba has a portfolio of stylish and innovative essential weaning products, which factor in the numerous health and environmental benefits of using materials such as glass and stainless steel.

Below are some of Beaba’s eco-friendly, non-toxic and mostly plastic-free weaning products for babies and growing children.

Eucalyptus Babycook Neo

Literally ‘going green’ is Beaba’s revolutionary Babycook Neo (RRP: £160) – now available in Eucalyptus. This meal-making-machine is the perfect product to help make parents’ life easier when weaning their little ones. The Babycook Neo’s design means that it uses 48% less carbon dioxide and 50% less water than previous models. It’s also the only baby food maker on the market that comes with a large (1,250ml) glass bowl and increased capacity stainless steel steam basket, so parents can prepare 33% more ingredients in one go. Simple, safe, stylish and convenient, its easy-to-use, four simple steps can steam cook, blend, defrost and reheat. Plus, the unique blend function means that parents can adjust the time of blending to gain the desired consistency for their child’s meals based on their age and stage. So as baby grows, chunkier purée and different textures can be created to suit their tastes. Parents simply place the food into the steamer and the Neo cooks it in just 15 minutes, preserving flavours and vitamins, so parents have peace of mind that their little one is getting all the goodness they need. It also minimises energy-use and food waste, automatically turning itself off when the food is cooked, so a meal will never overheat or overcook.

Glass Meal Set

Glass tableware offers the perfect alternative to popular but slow to biodegrade melamine products. Beaba’s Glass Meal Set (RRP: £30) is an ideal solution for environmentally conscious parents looking to reduce their use of plastics without compromising on health and hygiene. Crafted especially for young children, the eco-friendly tableware set is BPA free. The set includes a sturdy and stylish glass plate and bowl with a handy detachable supple suction base, plus glass beaker with a supple sleeve cover. The premium glass is made by French brand, DURALEX, known for its iconic high quality and almost unbreakable glassware – so parents can rest assured that these products are extremely robust and resistant to chipping, should one take a tumble from the table. They are also scratch-resistant, odourless and stain-free, making it the perfect safety and environmentally conscious choice for little ones who want to feel ‘grown up’.

Glass Storage Jars

Beaba’s range of contemporary glass storage jars (RRP: £15-£25) are ideal for parents looking to find eco-friendly weaning products suitable for batch cooking, freezing, storing or transporting meals. The range can also be used with Beaba’s Babycook for defrosting and reheating of food. Made from superior quality, highly resistant glass, the Glass Storage Jars are heat and thermal shock resistant, freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe for complete peace of mind. Manufactured in a range of gorgeous colours in single, duo and triple packs, the airtight supple lids preserve flavours and aromas. What’s more, each jar has a nifty measure scale for accurate portion sizes so meals can be made and transported in style.

Stainless Steel Straw Cup

This 250ml Stainless Steel Straw Cup, (RRP:£15) is made to last, and a great sustainable option. Using minimal plastic, it’s durable and elegant, making it a brilliant training cup to help children from 8-months to learn to drink on their own. This eco-friendly weaning cup will become little one’s go-to for warm milk or refreshing water. Thanks to its stainless-steel body and double insulated wall, liquids remain at the right temperature for longer, whilst still being comfortable to hold, with or without the detachable handles. Plus, it’s 100% watertight too so no more leaks in changing bags.

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