Dreamgenii® Pregnancy Support & Feeding Pillow

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The multi-award winning Dreamgenii® Pregnancy Support & Feeding Pillow continues to be one of the most sought-after and relied upon pregnancy pillows in the UK. 

A must-have for mums-to-be from their second trimester onwards, the Dreamgenii® is designed to help women sleep comfortably from 20 weeks.

Supporting the back, bump and knees, the patented Dreamgenii® encourages you to sleep on your left side which helps optimise foetal positioning and encourages maximum blood flow between mother and baby.  It also prevents you from rolling onto your back while sleeping. As well as being popular with mums-to-be with nine out of ten women recommending the product to a friend, Dreamgenii® is also recommended by midwives.

The dreamgenii® comes supplied with a removable, washable white pillow case already on the pillow with additional pillow cases available in an array of stylish designs with cotton fabric covers to complement any bedroom or nursery. There is also a sumptuous white jersey fabric pillow available; a comfortable, cool fabric popular with new mums-to-be.

Great value for money, the Dreamgenii®  can also be used as a comfortable and supportive nursing pillow once baby arrives.

For further information, please contact: 01538 399 541.