Dreamgenii Pregnancy & Feeding Pillow is a must-have for mums-to-be

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The multi-award winning Dreamgenii® Pregnancy & Feeding Pillow continues to win industry and consumer accolades as it helps more and more pregnant women get a restful, comfortable night’s sleep.
Unlike other pregnancy pillows on the market, the unique patented Dreamgenii® moulds around mummy-to-be and her bump, supporting the back and knees as pregnancy progresses and sleeping becomes more difficult. The comfortable pillow also helps mum to sleep on her left side, which helps optimise foetal positioning for baby and encourages maximum blood flow between mother and baby.1 in 5 pregnant women can experience Pelvic Girdle Pain, which can cause severe pain and disability. To ease symptoms, healthcare professionals often recommend sleeping on the left side with a pillow between your legs. The tail of the Dreamgenii® Pillow has been designed to neatly and compactly sit between the legs, helping to effectively align the hips and provide the necessary relief without taking all the room up in the bed!

The Dreamgenii® comes in an array of stylish designs with removable washable cotton fabric covers in fashion-led designs to complement any bedroom or nursery. There is also a sumptuous white jersey fabric which is comfortable and cool, making the Dreamgenii a must-have from the second trimester onwards. Choose from grey and white floral motif and an abstract nature design in both grey/green and grey/coral. There is also a stunning geo cotton pattern in neutral grey/aqua.

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