Dream anywhere with SnüzCloud sleep aid

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Stylish baby sleep brand Snüz has created their cutest addition yet to the family, the SnüzCloud baby sleep aid.

Created with the softest plush fabric, this adorable cuddly cloud features 4 soothing sound options that play for 20 minutes per cycle to help comfort and settle baby. Including waterfall, lullaby, and a heartbeat to mimic the sounds baby hears in the womb, as well as pink noise, which experts consider to be a deeper, more effective alternative to white noise.

Having been accustomed to all kinds of noise whilst in the womb – the rush of blood, stomach gurgles and their mother’s heartbeat – SnüzCloud’s calming sounds are just the ticket to getting baby to settle. With easy-to-use adjustable volume, parents can ensure sound effects are just gentle enough to lull baby into a restful slumber.

Key features:

Two Light Options

The only baby sleep aid to have two light options, SnüzCloud has parents and babies covered no matter the situation. They can choose from the calming pink glow that lights SnüzCloud’s fluffy cheeks to help little one wind down, or a soft white light. Ideal for feeding in the dark, it can also double up as a night light when little ones get older.

4 Soothing Sounds

With two buttons discretely positioned inside, using SnüzCloud couldn’t be easier. Simply by pressing the left side, parents can choose from the 4 sound options, or the right side to activate the lights. The volume is adjusted by opening up the Velcro seam on the back of SnüzCloud to access the control module.

Lightweight and Portable

SnüzCloud can easily be fastened onto a cot or crib, as well as to prams and car seats thanks to its handy Velcro strap, making it the ideal sleep buddy at home or on the go. The perfect baby shower present, SnüzCloud will be a welcome addition to any nursery, offering the highly coveted gift of sleep that every parent dreams of.

Stylish Design

SnüzCloud’s unique style allows it to blend seamlessly into any nursery both as a beautiful décor item, and as a super effective, portable sleep solution for baby. Drifting off to dreamland has never been so stylish. 

 RRP: £29.95 | trade@greensheepgroup.com | 01789 734022 |  www.snuz.co.uk | @snuzuk