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Teethers That Take The Teething Problems Out Of Parenting

Our teethers are:

  • – Easy to hold from an early age (suitable from 0 – 3yrs)
  • – Biodegradable, made from natural rubber and CE certified
  • – Free from plastic, nitrosamines, BPA and PVC
  • – Soft and hollow – the perfect surface to bite and chew.


Cloud and Cuckoo specialise in natural teething products that have created quite a stir amongst some of the major UK influencers.

“We have trialled loads of teethers and the best one by far is My Friend Goo, a lightweight natural rubber beauty” (included in the blog ‘Top 5: Really Bloody Useful Baby Products’)@theunmumsymum

“This is the best teether we’ve had and he loves it!”@parttimeworkingmummy


Parents also tell us our teethers are the only ones their baby will use and there are various reasons for this…

My Friend Goo and My Friend Hoot are easy to hold because they are lightweight. The shape makes them easy for little hands to hold and manoeuvre. This helps to improve the fine motor skills that help with weaning, independent play, drawing and writing.

Made from natural rubber straight from the Hevea Tree our teethers are soft and hollow which make them more pleasant to chew on, compared to all the hard plastic teethers currently flooding the market.

Unlike other natural rubber teethers My Friend Goo and My Friend Hoot are completely sealed and will not harbour mould. They can be cleaned easily, just as you would wash your hands.

My Friend Goo has the added benefit of the tail. This means the teether can be used as an alternative to a dummy or to transition away from a dummy. The baby has to make a conscious effort to use the teether which makes it less likely to become addictive as it doesn’t sit in mouth.