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Laboratory tested and proven, the ClevaScoop® prepares the most accurate feed for a baby, saving time, money and most of all, patience!
Now parents can safely reduce the health risks associated with over or underfeeding their baby by simply using the ClevaScoop®.Whilst we support and recommend breastfeeding there are situations when bottle feeding is a necessity so that’s why ClevaMama® worked with the world renowned Moorepark* Research and Innovation Centre throughout the development of the ClevaScoop® to make mothers’ life a bit easier.

The patented ClevaScoop® was developed in collaboration with the world’s leading infant formula research lab and is proven to be more accurate when tested against all other formula scoops.

Features include:

  • No more counting formula scoops!!
  • Accurate and safe. Eliminates miscounting of scoop and steam clogged scoops
  • Compatible with most leading brands of infant formulas from 0-12 months
  • BPA-free

One easy scoop action is all it takes to prepare baby’s bottle the right way every time. Using the ClevaScoop® is easy: use the dial-action to set the scoop to the size feed you are preparing and make a bottle with confidence. The spatula/ funnel lets you level off the feed and pour it into the bottle. No waste, no mess, no worries.

RRP: £9.97

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*Moorepark is one of the world’s most reputable knowledge centres on infant formula, working with the world’s leading brands of infant formula and the WHO to ensure excellence through innovation.