All change – new products in the MuslinZ washable nappy range

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Increasing consumer demand sees more products added to the popular reusable nappy range for MuslinZ: Perfect for parents looking to make an environmentally friendly choice.

At MuslinZ, as we see eco-awareness continue to improve there is no surprise that environmentally friendly baby products are being considered too leading to an ever-increasing demand across our reusable range.

As a result, this year there will be numerous new print launches for our MuslinZ washable nappy wrap which can be used with its muslin squares, prefolds and terry squares.

The wrap, manufactured from USA PUL, also known as a cover or shell, is the waterproof element of a two-part nappy system and can be worn over the top of either a folded muslin square, a prefold or terry square. It is the perfect accompaniment to the existing MuslinZ washable nappy range. The MuslinZ washable nappy wrap is available in two sizes – for newborns up to the age of six/nine months (size one) and six/nine months up to potty training (size two). Both sizes have double gussets which are ideal for terry squares and are available in pure white and print to match the MuslinZ range. Prices start from £7.50 so it is an economical choice.

MuslinZ prefolds are ideal to use as a wrap insert and are extra easy as there is no complicated folding, simply lay into the muslinz cover. They are also very useful for potty training to give a little extra protection in training pants. Prefolds are available in white or unbleached organic cotton and come in two sizes.

All MuslinZ 70cms muslin squares can also be folded and used in the nappy wrap and this is a popular choice for newborns as it is trim, simple and very cost effective. The more traditional terry squares are soft and absorbent so work perfectly as an economical reusable.

The soft and silky bamboo cotton terry wipes are available in white or unbleached bamboo cotton. They have so many uses and make for an simple ‘just change one thing’ choice for people looking to reduce their single use plastics.

The muslinz range also includes washable breast pads, muslin swaddles, dribble bibs, hooded towels, bathrobes and more.

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