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Babyhub Neospace Bedside Crib Now Available To Retailers

For parents looking for products that will help them to take care of their little ones whilst also taking care of the planet, Babyhub have developed the innovative, sustainable, Neospace Bedside Crib. Now available to UK retailers for the first time.

Celebrated for its unique features and verified eco credentials, the Neospace Bedside Crib won the DNA Paris Design Award. The crib has been recognised as a true innovation as the clever design creates a flat bridge between parent bed and crib – this patented feature is new to the market and not available on any other bedside sleepers. The padded bridge covers and smooths the join between crib and parent bed, allowing families to cosleep safely with baby in their own safer sleep space and parent comfortably sleeping right next to them on a smooth cushioned pad on top of their own mattress.

Babyhub took parents wishes into account during the development of the crib through extensive consumer focus groups and product trials. Following feedback from parents, Babyhub built in an easy to use mechanism that allows the mattress to be slightly tilted, to ease reflux symptoms and soothe babies who are suffering the discomfort and restless nights caused by reflux.

The Neospace Bedside Crib has been made with sustainability as a priority. The luxury 40mm thick mattress is made from coir – the fibres found inside a coconut husk. The mattress cover is naturally antibacterial, as it is infused with essential oils of the wonder plant Sacandra Glabra – undetectable to the nose or eye, this hypoallergenic treatment protects the mattress from dustmites, bacteria and other allergens that can be an irritant to babies.

The crib is constructed from Rainforest Alliance certified and FSC certified pine, and finished with an environmentally friendly water based white paint.

All of the materials used to create the Neospace are sustainable and environmentally friendly, and as it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals such as industrial paints or organophosphate fire retardant chemicals, it allows parents to create a sleep environment that is kind to the delicate skin and lungs of newborns.

Parents are looking for products that are built to last, so the solid construction of the Neospace bedside crib is reassuring and it can be passed through generations. Each family can use it well beyond the fourth trimester, as it can be used as a standalone crib, and then transformed into a beautiful child’s bench seat until it’s time for the next baby.

The launch of the Neospace Bedside Crib will be supported with a consumer PR campaign and strategic influencer partnerships, ensuring that mums in the research phase of preparing for baby will be aware of the product and it’s unique benefits.

Retailers can take advantage of the offer of a free Neospace Bedside Crib for their shop floor. Marketing support and POS materials are also available to help sell through, and Babyhub will also offer local PR support and geo-targeted advertising to ensure that parents looking for the Neospace will know to come to you!

Stock is now available in Babyhub’s UK warehouse, with no MOQ.
Contact distributors bébélephant to place an order.  Neospace Bedside Crib RRP: £179.


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