Lister & Bruce has just launched matching sleepsuits to complement their existing MyJamas collection of children’s pyjamas and sleepwear. 

Available in three sizes with two varying styles, the sleepsuits have closed zipped fronts and feet with fold over scratch mitts, while the 6-12 months has open hands and feet to allow extra grip for the crawlers and walkers. 


The pyjamas offer a ‘clever cuffs’  feature, matching ankle and wrist cuffs on the left and right to help children know which way round to put them on to dress independently.  This theme has been carried through as a design feature on the sleepsuits with wrist and ankle cuffs have also having additional length that can either be folded back or extended to allow them to grow with the child.

Helen Brimacombe, co-founder of Lister & Bruce commented,

“We have had tremendous feedback on the pyjamas for many reasons, but their quality and super soft fabric giving the child comfort is what sets MyJamas apart and is what our customers really appreciate and has ensured repeat purchase.  Therefore, it was imperative to us that the sleepsuits were the same.

Zipped baby-grows was a trend amongst many brands when I had my son and were a game changer for me, especially at 3am when trying to change a nappy in the dark and get him back into bed at lightning speed.  As with the pyjama range and the clever cuffs we wanted to give the customer more with our sleepsuits and the zips give them precious moments back in bed!’’  

The sleepsuits are 100% organic cotton, made under a GOTS certification with OEKO-Tex 100 rated dyes. 

For more information, contact Helen Brimacombe on 0113 436 0828 or