Leclercbaby acquired by Legend Holdings, promises continued growth and stability.

In a significant development for the nursery and childcare products industry, Legend Holdings, a subsidiary of the diversified Lals Group, has acquired the rights to the premium stroller brand Leclercbaby. This acquisition includes all existing inventory and inventory currently in production.

Legend Holdings is renowned for its investments across various sectors including retail, distribution, manufacturing, FMCG, shopping malls, real estate, hospitality, and fitness. With management offices based in Dubai, UAE, Legend Holdings is poised to leverage its extensive resources and expertise to nurture and expand the Leclercbaby brand.

The official announcement, released on June 19, 2024, states:

“It gives us great pleasure to announce that Legend Holdings has acquired the rights of Leclercbaby as well as the existing inventory including the inventory in production.


Legend intends to continue the brand Leclercbaby in its existing form as well as build and develop it further.

For the sake of brand continuity and ease of all parties involved; we propose to continue existing arrangements for a period of three months effective June 11th, 2024; during which we will endeavor to meet with you (in person or video conference) and agree the best way forward. It will be our preference to retain existing relationships as far as possible.


Mr. Rick Muller (ex-LSC Europe) will be part of the immediate team to support you through the transition in his (current) profile as Global Sales Manager with Leclercbaby.


Legend Holdings is a part of Lals Group, with management offices based in Dubai, UAE. Lals Group is a diversified business group with operations spread across multiple countries. It operates in Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing, FMCG, Shopping malls, Real estate, Hospitality, Fitness amongst others. It proudly carries a legacy of five decades of consumer trust.”


Leclercbaby, established for its innovative design and high-quality strollers, has built a solid reputation among parents and caregivers seeking stylish and functional products for their children. With this acquisition, Legend Holdings aims to preserve the core values and brand identity of Leclercbaby while injecting new strategies for growth and market expansion.

Strategic Vision and Operational Continuity

Legend Holdings’ decision to maintain existing arrangements for the next three months is a strategic move to ensure a seamless transition. This period will facilitate discussions with stakeholders to outline the future trajectory of Leclercbaby. By continuing current operations and partnerships, Legend Holdings intends to minimise disruptions, thereby maintaining the trust and satisfaction of Leclercbaby’s clientele and partners.

Rick Muller, who brings extensive experience from LSC Europe, will play a crucial role in the transition process as the Global Sales Manager for Leclercbaby. His expertise is expected to provide continuity and support during this phase, aligning with Legend Holdings’ commitment to retaining and strengthening existing relationships.

Looking Ahead: Growth and Development

Legend Holdings’ acquisition of Leclercbaby represents a commitment to enhancing the brand’s market presence. Leveraging the vast network and resources of the Lals Group, Legend Holdings plans to introduce new products, expand into new markets, and invest in marketing and distribution channels to drive the brand’s growth.


The acquisition underscores Lals Group’s strategy of investing in brands with strong market potential and aligning them with its diverse business portfolio. With over five decades of consumer trust, Lals Group’s involvement is expected to bring significant value to Leclercbaby, positioning it for sustained success in the competitive nursery products market.


This acquisition is anticipated to not only strengthen Leclercbaby’s existing market but also explore new avenues for innovation and development, promising an exciting future for the brand.

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