Maternal health brand, Lansinoh,  is to partner with online platform ‘A Mother Place’ to sponsor free online antenatal classes for mums.

Lansinoh is supporting new parents by teaming up with Becca Maberly, author and founder of A Mother Place, to provide free classes to four mums every month. The courses are written and created by Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Roger Marwood MB BS, MSc, FRCOG, who has delivered more than 5,000 babies and supervised another 20,000 births, as well as Becca Maberly herself, a leading pregnancy and postnatal expert.

The partnership has been announced as part of Lansinoh’s campaign to support new mums during pregnancy and the fourth trimester, and open up conversations around post-natal recovery so that more mums feel prepared for their own journey.

Becca Maberly, author and pregnancy and postnatal expert said: “I’m so thrilled to be partnering with Lansinoh to drive awareness of post-birth recovery. Many of the women I speak to were not prepared for the fourth trimester – the period of recovery for mum following childbirth. Many had not even heard of it which is so upsetting to hear because it is just as important as, maybe even more so, than the other three trimesters. As well as educating women and their partners about how to stay happy and healthy during their pregnancy and teaching about their birth options and pain relief, we need to make sure that we are preparing women for what happens after the baby arrives. We need to be honest about what it is like and we need to nudge new parents towards an acceptance that it may not be all cuddles and beautifully photographed moments. We need to find a way to be realistic without scaremongering and give new parents the emotional and physical support for what is often the hardest part of the whole journey – finding a new normal.”

Lansinoh breast feeding

Lansinoh’s recent research [1] revealed that a worrying eight in 10 new mums feel they were not fully prepared for their own recovery post childbirth. A further 62% admitted that, looking back, they felt they had unrealistic expectations for their recovery after giving birth. Meanwhile 83% said they would recommend to new mums to increase preparation for their own recovery.

Lisa Craven, Marketing Manager at Lansinoh Laboratories UK Ltd, said: “We’re delighted to team up with Becca and A Mother Place to support in educating mums-to-be, as we feel it is important for all mothers to receive information to support their birth and postnatal recovery. There’s a worrying lack of conversation around the fourth trimester, which means a lot of mums don’t feel prepared for their recovery. Through our partnership with A Mother Place, we want to continue to open up these conversations so that mums know what to expect, and what they can do to minimise possible discomfort they may experience post-birth. We have also this year launched a brand-new Birth Preparation & Recovery range, which is an essential collection of products designed to help avoid discomfort both during and after birth. The range can be used as a four-step routine, starting during the final stages of pregnancy, to help mums minimise discomfort during and after labour.”

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[1] Research conducted in April 2021, consisting of 250 mums across the UK


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