Lansinoh, which has been supporting breastfeeding mums for over 35 years, has announced the launch of a new smart breast pump, which not only helps mums to track their pumping sessions via an app, but is also their quietest pump on the market.

The Smartpump 2.0 connects to the Lansinoh Baby app via Bluetooth, to automatically track mum’s pumping sessions. This helps to record a pumping session’s time and length and shows mums their pumping/feeding information, so they can compare their daily averages and review their feeding routine over time.

The Smartpump 2.0 is Lansinoh’s quietest pump – helping mum to pump discreetly whether away from home, or simply trying to avoid waking anyone during the night. The new pump includes adjustable suction and three pumping styles, which mimic baby’s natural feeding pattern, as well as a lightweight and ergonomic design.

The ComfortFit breast cushions are also designed to mold to mums’ shape for the best fit and most comfortable pumping experience.

Lisa Craven, UK Marketing Manager at Lansinoh, said, “Our new Smartpump 2.0 has been designed specially to help mums pump discreetly and keep track of their pumping sessions. We know all too well that many mums worry that they are not pumping or producing enough milk to build up their supply over time. The Smartpump 2.0 connects with the Baby app, to let mums record their pumping sessions and track everything from breastfeeding, bottle feeding, water intake and even nappy changes.”

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To find out more, contact the Lansinoh team by email.

Lansinoh Smartpump in use

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