The team at Nursery Online attended this week’s Kids’ Time Expo, which welcomed nearly 300 companies from 12 countries present, including Polish and foreign producers and distributors of toys, games, clothes, stationery and educational products.

We caught up with one of the award winners, Daniel Lucas, Sales Director of Dew, the UK company known for its range of baby and environment-friendly cleansing products:

Why did you decided to attend Kids’ Time?

We wanted to support our distributor, Marco,  who launched our products last year at Kids’ Time for the first time.

Why is the Polish market important to your brand?

As with any market, the requirement in the post-Covid world for cleaning and sanitising is as great in Poland than anywhere else. 

What growth has Dew enjoyed in the last year?

Because of the product category and its versatility, our growth has been way beyond any expectation that we set!

Have you made some useful new business contacts since attending Kids’ Time?

Absolutely. Not only local retailers, partners and clients but also several international distributors, which has led to three or four new countries agreed with our distribution partner. 

Congratulations on winning Best Product for the Environment at Kids’ Time; what does this mean for you?

We are making headway into product awareness and the education for real alternatives to chemical or plant-based products (which all have chemicals in and are hazardous to your health). 

Why should UK brands,  retailers and buyers come to Poland’s Kids’ Time Show?

Because it services the whole of the eastern side of Europe with products and brands that no-one has otherwise seen or heard of before. The access you have to distributors and retailers that may or may not go to Kind & Jugund in Cologne gives you, as a brand, the opportunity to sell your products into markets that would otherwise be less important however, still very significant business opportunities.

Finally, what’s the future for Dew?

Our ambition is to have a bottle of Dew in every house across the planet, of any shape, size of form or category.

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