Luxury Baby Stroller brand JUNIORJONES has announced the launch of a unique and innovative Stroller Visor. This PPE has been designed specifically to offer protection against viruses for babies and toddlers in the 0-3 age group who cannot wear face coverings when out in public.

The J-PROTECT stroller visor has been designed for use whenever and wherever a parent or guardian is required to wear a face covering.

The visor is a universal product which will fit most stroller brands. It attaches easily to the hood using magnetic straps. The stroller hood can still be adjusted with the visor in place. Due to its design, the J-PROTECT will also offer some protection against everyday traffic pollution.

J-Protect stroller visor

The visor can be easily cleaned and sanitised and re-used each time baby goes outside in a Stroller.

Catherine Haken, Head of UK Sales and Marketing, JUNIORJONES, says:

“The design team have done a fantastic job to come up with this amazing product in such a short time. We wanted to develop something that would provide some protection for infants who cannot wear a face covering when out in public. These are uncertain times and we want all parents to benefit from the new protective Visor, not just parents with a JUNIORJONES Stroller”

This new product follows the recent launch of the JUNIORJONES range of luxury Strollers in the UK and Europe in September 2019.

JUNIORJONES are rolling out the J-PROTECT Stroller Visor across the UK and Europe and then Globally via Independent Nursery Retailers, Amazon, Social Media Shopping Networks and via the JUNIORJONES UK and European Websites.