Premium Dutch stroller brand, Joolz, continues its commitment to Sustainability as the brand reaches huge milestones in promise to put families, and the planet, first.
  • Joolz has planted more than 380,000 trees in its Birth Forest initiative.
  • The brand offers a unique 10-year transferrable warranty.
  • Joolz recycled 2.5 million plastic bottles in 2022 alone.

Joolz, the stroller brand putting parents in control and the planet first, is delighted to share its continued efforts to have a positive impact on the environment, empowering the next generation of parents and creating a better world for their children. Through its extensive work in key areas of sustainability, the brand has succeeded in planting over 100,000 trees, recycling 2.5 million plastic bottles into fabric for its strollers and dedicating 160 hours volunteering in 2022 alone.


Proudly partnering with Tree Nation, Joolz’ Birth Forest initiative ensures with every sale of a pushchair, even more new life is put into the planet to flourish. Fighting climate change, deforestation and poverty, the Birth Forest promises a new tree is planted for every pushchair sold, with over 100,000 planted in 2022 alone, offsetting its CO2 emissions by 23,000 tonnes.


Knowing that whilst families watch their little ones grow, there is a tree on the same journey, parents can be confident in the knowledge that Joolz is dedicated to creating a better world for the next generation. Since the initiative began, more than 380,000 trees have been planted, with the total figure growing daily.

Alongside the brands’ efforts to give back to the planet, it is also dedicated to using thoughtful materials throughout the design process – everything from recyclable packaging to the fabrics used. Turning plastic bottles into sustainable and quality fabrics, the brand recycled 2.5 million plastic bottles in 2022, giving the waste a whole new life and purpose. The bottles are melted down and spun into yarn that is used in the Joolz range, notably, the new Joolz Aer+ Navy colourway is made from 77 recycled bottles in each pushchair.


To continue to support future generations, the brand also offers a totally unique 10 year transferrable warranty, so the Joolz pushchair, which is built to last, can be passed on to benefit multiple families.



Throughout every step of the Joolz journey, from the product creation to ongoing environmental work, giving back to the planet is at the very heart of the brand. To support communities worldwide, the Joolz employees are even given time off to volunteer, with 160 hours of voluntary work already achieved by the team in 2022.



With big things ahead, the achievements of the brand in 2022 alone truly demonstrates the positive impact they will continue to have for the next generation and the planet, the children’s playground of tomorrow.



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About Joolz

Joolz is a premium Dutch stroller brand that is committed to putting the new generation of parents in control. Parents who are determined to create a more beautiful world for their children and themselves. They help with products and services designed for real life so that parents feel comfortable and balanced. Their 10-Year Transferable Warranty guarantees that the strollers are made to last and that generations of parents and children can enjoy them. Joolz was founded in 2007 and has grown into a group of professionals, mostly parents, who work from their sustainable headquarters in Amsterdam. Joolz strollers are available in more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States. And for every stroller they sell, they plant a tree in the Joolz Birthforest.  It is their contribution for the generations to come. Watch the Joolz brand movie here.

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