Joie Signature is a stylish collection some of Joie’s most popular products that bring first class luxury to outings and clever solutions to every day needs.

Featuring a classic, neutral pallet with on-trend earth tones and statement block quilting, these deluxe fabrics and super soft knits will keep little ones cosied up in the lap of luxury. Sleek accents, including powder coated chassis are combined with tasteful vegan suede and leather details that really make the Signature range stand out. 


Meet the i-Size travel companion that was dreamed up for smoother shuteye on the open road. This lie flat lounger is made for safer spines and easy breathing. The exclusive Tri-ProtectTM headrest features Intelli-FitTMmemory foam that’s engineered for optimal head and neck security. The headrest and harness adjust simultaneously so on the go alterations are effortless. RRP £275


Meet the innovative travel mate with a deep and dreamy recline that’s made to handle the ups and downs of every adventure. The exclusive Tri-ProtectTM memory foam to give that head and neck security that Joie is famed for. Guard Surround SafetyTM side impact protection panels slow down impact before it reaches small precious passengers. I-Quest also has removable inserts that snap into a variety of configurations to create the perfect fit for growing babies.  Both i-Quest and i-Level partner with i-BaseTM lx for laid back travel all the way from baby to big kid.

RRP £250 

i-Spin Grow TM

With years of, “Are we there yet?” ahead, the i-Spin Grow will be there for every mile, safely spanning from birth to 7 years and packing in the most musts including i-Size and 360spin. I-Spin Grow is super easy to install with a one-time ISOFIX hook in, top tether hook-up so once it’s in, parents are ready to go. The 6-position recline adjusts on demand, whether tiny travellers are rear or forward facing. Once again featuring the Tri-Protect headrest, offering layers of protection, giving little ones the state-of-the-art security they deserve.
 *Coming Autumn 2021*

RRP £399


Meet the deluxe travel companion that makes every outing a special occasion. With extra i-Size safety, extra cosy comfort and an extra easy install, this ride is both high class and low fuss. With 10 different positions, the headrest allows parents to quickly finetune the fit to suit passengers of different sizes. The clever colour coded guides clear the path to an intuitive buckle up with a 3-point seat belt so they’re safely on the road in a snap. ISOFIX connectors lock tight for a secure ride while baby passengers are kept safe and sound with the Tri-Protect headrest, made with Intelli-Fit memory foam for optimum security. 

RRP £149


The bumpier the better for this 4in1 pushchair as the springy flex comfort seat smooths out the bumps right in the seat and right where it matters most. Finiti will take on the toughest terrain with foam-filled and Puncture-Proof runner tyres. When parents are out and about, little one is shielded from the rays with finiti’s full coverage, expandable hood that dims the light, making it ideal for nap time. 


The compact and lightweight tourist cleverly combines carry cot, infant carrier and forward-facing seat, all in one sweet ride, offering a stylish multi tasker that has been carefully crafted to roll smoothly from baby to big kid. Little one can snooze on the go with a recline parents can customise while the adjustable leg rest and cushy calf support are ideal for relaxing on the roll. Wriggly toddlers are easy to secure with the clever autoclickTMmagnetic clasps that have you ready to ride in a jiff.


Looking back or facing forward, this height adjustable multitasker will always keep families moving in the right direction. The height adjustable seat means parents can keep baby passengers close, and when in world facing mode, the seat will carry growing kiddos up to 22kg, so you can look forward to years of adventures. Aeria can also be used as a 4in1 travel system, pairing with the i-Level and ramble carry cot for one sleek ride.  


Introduce baby to the world from the comfort of this luxurious lie-flat carry cot that’s snug and sheltered for dreamy rambles in any weather. 

RRP £110

About Joie

Joie is a global baby gear brand founded in 2011 and its products are designed with families at its heart. All Joie products are rigorously tested to the highest European standards. 

Joie works hard to educate consumers about the importance of car seat safety and the benefits of using rear facing car seats and the European i-Size standard. 

Joie is the United Nations Global Partner for Road Safety through their UNITAR program (United Nations Institute of Training and Research

  • Joie products are designed to grow up with users from birth onwards and are feature rich with every necessity and special upgrades
  • Each product features superior quality aluminum and steel; high-grade, pure and undiluted metals; top-of-the-line plastics; and tough durable strength fabrics
  • Every piece of every product goes through extreme testing at each stage of the development and manufacturing process
  • During development, stroller and buggy canopies, reclines, brakes, fold mechanism and push bar adjustments are tested over 3,000 times.
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