Liverpool FC Foundation has teamed up with club partner, Joie, to bring some fun activities to local children and also support the local community in celebration of World Children’s Day 2021.

LFC Foundation and Joie have tasked local children from 13 schools in Liverpool with redesigning Joie’s perimeter board at the Liverpool FC men’s fixture against Newcastle United on 16 December and the Liverpool men’s fixture against Charlton on 19 December. Focusing on LFC and Joie’s shared value of family, each of the designs must celebrate togetherness and what family means to them. The lucky winner will win tickets to both fixtures for a photograph and a meet and greet with Mighty Red. 

Joie has also donated 40 strollers to the local community via LFC Foundation community hubs, after reaching out to the club to understand more around how they can help families in need in the Liverpool area. 

LFCW players Meikayla Moore, Jade Bailey, Leanne Kiernan and Ceri Holland met with representatives from three community groups that support families and single parents, Brunswick Youth and Community Centre, Northwood Community Centre and Anfield Sports and Community Centre, to present the Strollers. 

World Children’s Day was first established in 1954 as Universal Children’s Day and is celebrated on 20 November each year to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children’s welfare.

Matt Parish, Chief Executive, LFC Foundation, said: “As a club, our strong family values are deep rooted in our traditions – values which are just as strongly shared by our partner Joie. This is why we have come together to celebrate World Children’s Day and support children and families in our local community. It is vitally important that we play our role to raise awareness of children rights and support where we can to help improve their lives and the world they live in.”

“It was our absolute pleasure to donate the strollers and it is our deepest hope that they make it possible for families to be able to get out and about, enjoying some quality time together.”

David Welsh, Managing Director of Joie said: “Children are at the heart and soul of everything we do at Joie, so we are delighted that they are being given this opportunity to get creative as well as think about the importance of family and what it means to them. It was our absolute pleasure to donate the strollers and it is our deepest hope that they make it possible for families to be able to get out and about, enjoying some quality time together”

About Joie

Joie is a global baby gear brand founded in 2011 and its products are designed with families at its heart. All Joie products are rigorously tested to the highest European standards.

Joie works hard to educate consumers about the importance of car seat safety and the benefits of using rear facing car seats and the European i-Size standard.

Joie cares deeply about the wellbeing of children – but it’s more than that – we treasure the importance of families and work hard to champion their values, their welfare and their futures. This means that profits take the backseat, and instead Joie’s focus centres not only on our customers’ families, but on our employees’ families, our community’s families, and the earth that we all enjoy.

Joie is the United Nations Global Partner for Road Safety through their UNITAR program (United Nations Institute of Training and Research.)

Joie products are designed to grow up with users from birth onwards and are feature rich with every necessity and special upgrades

Each product features superior quality aluminum and steel; high-grade, pure and undiluted metals; top-of-the-line plastics; and tough durable strength fabrics

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During development, stroller and buggy canopies, reclines, brakes, fold mechanism and push bar adjustments are tested over 3,000 times.

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