Joie has released a new, reclining booster seat for added comfort on journeys.

With four reclining positions, this innovative group 1/2/3/ booster is crafted for first-class comfort during quick outings and longer road trips. From its snug support to the deep recline, every element of the fortifi has been designed so growing children can relax, whether they are sitting up or leaning back to snooze.

The fortifi can adapt to the needs of a growing child – the headrest can be set to one of nine positions to make room for new growth. Its AutoAdjust side wings automatically widen to give the child more shoulder space. Easy to use, the headrest and harness adjust simultaneously with just one hand, eliminating the hassle of rethreading and ensuring the correct fit each time the passenger changes.

Installation is simple with a colour-coded path to buckling up using a three-point seatbelt. When the child has outgrown their harness, the straps can be stored away in the sleek hidden compartments leaving room for them to buckle up with the seatbelt.

There’s no need to mess about with crumbs and spills, thanks to the easy to remove, machine washable cover that snaps on and off for quick cleaning.

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fortifi from Joie

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