Jaspar the Dreamy Elephant launched at Harrogate and has already won a MadeforMums Silver Award for the Best Baby Sleep Aid Toy. We caught up with founders, Prakash Chauhan and Usha Chabra to find out more.

Prakash and Usha are delighted to offer our NURSERY ONLINE subscribers a 40% discount off the retail price and a free branded tote bag for every Jaspar on a minimum order quantity of 12. Contact details to find out more are below.

Tell us a bit about you, the Dreamy Elephant Company – and your first product, Jaspar?

“We’ve been friends since 2007 when we met at a Baby and Toddler playgroup and as the babies played, we would sit and brainstorm business ideas – and in particular, we felt inspired develop a sleep-aid products for children and babies.

During the research phase, we discovered that sleep deprivation is a serious problem for young children and babies and can even lead to health and development issues. Although there were a few sleep aid products already on the market for babies and young children, we noticed a gap in the market for a bonding companion. We felt that, if the baby could feel more calm and relaxed, then parents would get better quality sleep and be able to form a stronger healthier bond with their baby.

We also both loved elephants because of their very nurturing behaviour towards their young (and because they’re so cute!), so designing a sleep aid toy in the shape of a baby elephant was a no-brainer! The fact that parents can record their own voice message, sound or song or lullaby on Jaspar helps to soothe babies and create a stronger bond.

Our journey took over two years to evolve from the first idea to launching Jaspar – and we have loved every second of it!”

You launched at Harrogate: how was that experience and what was the feedback you received?

“We launched Jaspar to trade at Harrogate and, although it was daunting, we were very excited to be there. Everyone who visited our stand instantly fell in love with Jaspar and loved the fact that we referred to Jaspar as a Sleep Aid and Bonding Companion.

We had heard just a few days earlier that we had won the MadeforMums Silver Award for the Best Baby Sleep Aid Toy – and this definitely helped a number of independent retailers place their orders on the day, in the knowledge that Jaspar would fly off their shelves. Since then we’ve had a lot of interest from large multiples and we’re actively working towards being listed in their stores in the near future.”

Why should a retailer stock Jaspar – and can you offer them anything special?

“Jaspar is more than just a cute sleep aid toy that will last a few months. It’s a baby bonding companion with a voice recording function, ideal for parents of newborns as well as for toddlers who might suffer from separation anxiety when left with a carer, grandparents or nursery.”

With a RRP of £49.99 is there a particular type of buyer for Jaspar?

“All parents in our opinion want the best for their children and with the additional ability to record their own voice, sound, song or lullaby, Jaspar provides more than its competitors on the market. We’ve had buyers from all over the UK – and overseas, as far as South Africa so far!”

Who is Jaspar designed for and what benefits does he offer to babies and parents?

“Jaspar is designed for babies, toddlers and young children – and their parents, because the benefits lie, not just in helping with sleeping, but also helping to form a stronger bond between parent and child.”

What do you enjoy about being in the baby business? 

“Everyone we have met in this industry has been very friendly and helpful and it has a great supportive network which we have already benefitted from. We’ve also enjoyed learning about the other products and manufacturers in this market and we’ve made some great friends already.”

What plans do you have for the Dreamy Elephant Company for the year ahead?

“It’s been an enjoyable and challenging journey in many ways, and both of us have learned so many new skills and made some amazing friends and connections along the way. We’re so proud of everything The Dreamy Elephant Company has done so far, and we are already planning for the future.

Our hope is to produce a wide range of bonding and sleep aid products as well as related baby accessories and that our products help bring much-needed calm and tranquility into people’s lives.”

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