Consumers – parents in particular – look for practical advice and cost-effective solutions to help them and their families – and that includes choosing the right car. But most car specs don’t focus on priorities such as – “Can get them all in safely?!” Until now…

The Family Car is a review site unlike others. By providing reviews and advice on family cars, child safety and travel products, The Family Car is designed to take the stresses out of travelling with families.

By prioritising a family’s needs before engine size and miles per gallon, The Family Car is an additional tool to a search engine can be used to help parents answer all those essential questions and queries.

Initially born in 2019, The Family Car is co-parented by the team behind Child Seat Safety Ltd, the leading trainers and IOSH advisors for child car seats. As a Community Interest Company, The Family Car was born from a need from parents to find out if their car was the best for their child and if the seat was the safest in it.

The Family Car team – Julie Dagnall, Claire Waterhouse and Judy Hall – set out to make sure that the best possible advice is given directly to the parents via a one stop shop. Julie’s background in car seat advice and training, Claire’s as an educator and in road traffic collision investigation while Judy’s driver training skills and educational background, means they are best placed to deliver this service successfully.

Their award-winning experience spans decades and includes advising TV and media, training national and independent retailers, assisting investigations for the media and legal practices and undertaking thousands of child car seat checks across the UK.

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