Introducing Ovum, the UK’s first ever 100% recyclable pregnancy test.

Ahead of International Women’s Day, female-founded fertility wellness brand OVUM announces the launch of its fully recyclable pregnancy tests, the first of its kind in the UK. 

OVUM’s flagship product is the scientifically backed egg health supplement for those trying to conceive, now included in patient protocols in IVF Clinics across the country. This month (March 2023), they announce their second product: a pregnancy test that offers the woman trying to conceive a highly accurate and fully recyclable pregnancy test.


  • Pro Endurance Athlete and Polar Explorer launches first fully recyclable pregnancy test 

  • New disruptor brand launches ultra-sensitive and fully recyclable pregnancy tests ahead of IWD

  • Tests include Mental Health Support in the event of a negative test result 

  • 20% of profits donated to fertility research and awareness campaigns

Ovum’s FDA-Approved Pregnancy Tests have a sensitivity of 10mIU/ml, the most sensitive available in the U.K. market, and include 4 tests per box (RRP £19). Those trying to conceive (ttc) often test early and regularly, so offering the most accurate but sensitive tests at this price point was a major priority for the brand.

OVUM acknowledges that their tests, unfortunately, still introduce new plastic. 

Find out more about OVUM’s recyclable and Early Detection pregnancy tests here.

Co-Founder of OVUM, and Pro Endurance Athlete, Jenny Wordsworth comments: 

“For too long, the woman who is trying to conceive has been ignored so today we’re proud to announce the launch of the UK’s first and only fully recyclable midstream pregnancy test. Today marks the end of pregnancy tests ending in landfill, and this product is destined to become a best-in-class and a clear disruptor brand to Clearblue.”


Dr. Kat Joseph, Chief Medical Officer at OVUM, comments:

“This launch is the culmination of 10 months of work, and our team couldn’t be prouder of what we have achieved. We hold ourselves to the highest standards at OVUM, so securing FDA approval was vital as their performance criteria for the accuracy of early detection tests are stricter than those in the UK. We know our customers want to test as early as possible, and with our tests they can do so with confidence.”

This focus on accuracy isn’t surprising for a brand whose founders have struggled with infertility. They know all too well the pain of trying to bring a baby home, including the horrible gut-punch moment of a negative pregnancy test. To help, each box of tests includes immediate access to a free Guided Meditation, “Comfort & Strength for a Negative Pregnancy Test,” with renowned Fertility Mindset Coach Alice Rose 

“Trying to conceive, especially when it’s taking longer than you hope, can seriously affect men’s and women’s mental health. Even building up to taking a test can feel terrifying, so using discreet packaging without triggering images of pregnancy and, if needed, providing immediate support like my meditation is such a powerful way to show anyone in this position that they are not alone. They’re also the ones buying tests month after month, so the recyclability is absolutely the cherry on top. I wish OVUM had been available when I was going through infertility myself.”

This was achieved by partnering with Enval, who led the way with their patented recycling processes allowing OVUM to offer fully recyclable tests.  The patented methods used by Enval finally provide a better solution ensuring no used tests end up in landfills. Customers simply post their used tests, wrappers, and desiccants into the Freepost envelope included in each box and allow Enval to take care of the rest:

“Enval is really excited to be working with OVUM as they launch their recyclable pregnancy test. It is our goal to tackle those hard to recycle plastics and find ways to ensure these resources can be used again, keeping them out of landfill or energy recovery facilities. Reducing waste and our carbon footprint is something we at Enval are passionate about and it’s great to work with a Company like OVUM who share these goals.

“Partnerships with companies like OVUM are vital in showing that plastic plays an important role in our daily lives and that with the right infrastructure it can be recycled, we can make previously unrecyclable plastic valuable, changing the perception of plastic and moving to a circular economy for these materials.”

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