New from BOBUX – its latest soft sole collection: “BO-BUDDIES”

The classic Bobux child-facing soft-sole shoe design now features innovative 3D appliqué character details and updated patterned soles in a new collection of lovable companions to ride alongside babies and crawlers on their biggest adventures.

Babies’ feet are free to breathe in the soft premium leather and will feel stable for standing in the non-slip suede sole. The soft soles are shaped like babies’ feet for an anatomically correct, comfy fit and are incredibly soft on babies’ skin while the elastic collar also ensures an easy, secure fit.

*NEW* Printed Soles

Babies spend a lot of time on their backs and tummies, building strength through every wriggle, kick and squirm and Bobux thought it was time its super soft, non-slip soles received as much love and attention – from pastel confetti to daisies and stars, each character sports their very own underbelly ready for the world to see.

The Bo-Buddies Collection

Each Bo-Buddie comes with its own unique personality too. Take ‘Snap’ with a wide toothy grin and loveable charm, this cheeky crocodile will keep pre-walkers company wherever they wriggle.

Available in sizes S (3-9 months) M (9-15 months) L (15-27 months) XL (24+ months). RRP £22. To view the collection visit

About Bobux

Founded in New Zealand in 1991, Bobux shoes are now known and loved the world over for their quality, comfort and foot health-centric design. Bobux shoes are with children through every stage of their foot development. Approved by podiatrists, tested by children, and recognised by industry leaders with several design awards, Bobux makes soft shoes for growing feet.

Bobux Soft Soles

Whilst now a staple in most babies’ wardrobes, it was Kiwi brand, Bobux, that created the world’s first leather Soft Sole shoe 30 years ago. Bobux’s founders, Chris and Colleen Bennett, took to their garage, armed with leather and suede, and made their first pair of Soft Sole shoes for their daughter, Chloe.

The Bobux Soft Sole is now firmly established as a cornerstone of healthy foot development – a shoe that actually meets the needs of pre-walkers. It goes on easily, it stays on, and it lets the foot move, bend, grip, strengthen and grow as nature intended. Wearing a Soft Sole provides the freedom required for a little foot to do all the things it should through this stage of development, while providing protection from the environment.

No nasties

EU REACH Tested – The Bobux Soft Sole is sold all over the globe, including in the European Union which has some of the strictest laws on chemical substances in the world. Known as REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), the regulation exists to protect human health and the environment from the harmful effects of chemicals.

For further information or stockist details visit

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