The SleepiMum Pregnancy and Feeding Support Pillow has been designed by one of the UK’s leading innovative Maternity Pillow designers, Vanessa Blake to help  promote good sleep during pregnancy.  We caught up with her in the run up to World Sleep Day on 19th March,  to find out what sets SleepiMum apart from its competitors, and how this specially designed pillow can help keep women comfortable during pregnancy – and beyond:

What prompted you to set up SleepiMum in the first place?

“I have spent 10 years in the nursery industry and I have designed some of the UK’s leading branded innovative maternity pillows during that time. That meant that I was immersed in what mothers, midwives and health professionals were telling me about difficulties with sleeping during pregnancy and the need for not only being able to sleep comfortably in the best and most supportive position for them and their baby, but also the need for quality manufacture and value-for-money, with the ability for mums to use the pillow as a supportive feeding support pillow too, well beyond when they give birth. I know what works and what doesn’t work for pregnant mums.”

What do you enjoy about being in the baby business?

“I love the supportive feel of the whole industry. Everyone in it is genuinely trying to make lives better and more comfortable.”

What issues does SleepiMum hope to address?

Its unique recessed padded recessed bump support allows natural cocooned positioning, without forcing the bump into an unnaturally elevated position which can lead to back strain.  It supports the bump, knees, ankles and hips. Keeping hips, knees and ankles in alignment has been shown to relieve symptoms of SPD.  It allows freedom of movement and does not fix mum-to-be in the same position all night, allowing her to find her most comfortable sleeping position and reducing the chances of overheating. The pillow also supports and encourages left-hand sleeping which encourages maximum blood-flow and exchange between mother and baby and can encourage optimal foetal positioning. It allows mums to roll over or change position in the night without having to get out of bed, without reducing pillow performance or causing discomfort.

What sets SleepiMum apart from its competitors?

“The SleepiMum effectively works in a completely opposite way to the norms in pillow design. I know that many mums suffer back strain during pregnancy and most pillows try to support this by mimicking traditional ‘head’ pillow support theory and ‘propping up’ the bump. The problem is, that this forces pregnancy bumps into an unnatural angle and can actually make worse the problem they are trying to solve.

The SleepiMum’ Patent pending design and recessed support panel cradles the pregnancy bump in a natural position whilst providing maximum support. This relieves pressure on the lower back rather than increasing it.”

How have you managed to engage with both retailers and customers given we’re missing the all-important ‘touch and feel’ factor while stores are closed?

“Social media has been really key to staying in touch with people – we gained lots of friends in the process too! We have also created images which can articulate our point of difference well without ‘touching’ the product.”

Why should a retailer stock SleepiMum?

“We are the newest and most innovative pillow on the UK market and we make a difference to pregnant women’s lives. It’s price point is aimed at being great value-for-money for parents and a great margin for retailers. We have lots of experience in supporting retailers and have the tools to help to promote the product and drive traffic.”

For retail enquiries, email Vanessa via

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