Kristina and Celeidh, friends and British expats living in Abu Dhabi, co-founded eco rascals, producers of natural, plastic-free, non-toxic, stylish and sustainable tableware products for children. We caught up with Celeidh to find out more…


What prompted you to set up eco rascals in the first place?

“Kristina and I had one of those brilliant ‘aha’ moments during a kids’ teatime playdate when we both served up our kids’ meals on the only natural and non-toxic thing that was available – wooden chopping boards!

Realising there was nothing available to us in the UAE without paying heavy shipping costs, we decided that afternoon that we would create our own tableware range. Fast forward a few years and we’re now happily supplying eco-friendly and stylish tableware to families in over 30 countries worldwide!”

What sets eco rascals apart from its competitors?

“Kristina and I are both completely consumer-focused; our customers are our priority and we make sure they feel that way when they’re purchasing. Our product line is also constantly evolving – and, as little foodies grow up so quickly, we ensure that we have products to suit all ages.”

Why should a retailer stock eco rascals products?

“For too long, the go-to for children’s tableware has been plastic. By stocking eco rascals, retailers are giving their customers the knowledge and confidence to try a natural alternative.”

Today’s parents are more discerning than ever, especially when it comes to environmentally safe products – how do you ensure your products live up to your eco-friendly credentials?

“We’re extremely diligent in all aspects of the materials we use in our products. Creating our snack pots was probably the most challenging product to date as we are committed to creating zero plastic products. By speaking to manufacturers and designers, we were able to create a product with a unique suction lid and still have a functional product which is easy for children to use. We ensure that all our bamboo is FSC certified and naturally organic. To ensure minimum bamboo wastage, the bamboo is only ordered after we place our specific unit order.”

What three words would you use to describe Eco Rascals?

“Stylish, thoughtful, safe.”

Which baby/nursery product do you wish you’d invented – and why?!

“There are way too many to choose from! One product that I didn’t learn about until after my little ones were too big was the Rock-it! Attach it to the buggy and it stimulates movement for baby to stay asleep. Genius idea and the guys behind the invention are amazing too!”

eco rascals recently won in the Weaning Week Awards (Gold in Best Cutlery & Silver in Best Tableware & Best 3rd stage product) – what do the accolades mean to you?

“We were thrilled to be awarded the Weaning Week Awards. There were so many amazing competitors up for the awards. Any recognition of our products gives us the motivation to continue developing new products that really support parents at different stages of their children’s lives.”

Can you share any specific plans or developments for eco rascals for the year ahead?

“We don’t want to reveal too much.. but let’s just say we have a wonderful new product coming that really embodies our desire to create functional products while reducing waste for parents. We’re so excited to reveal the next range and we believe parents will feel that it ticks all of the boxes when it comes to what they need.”

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