With the dark evenings very much upon us, parents are looking for calming solutions to keep their little ones in their bedtime routine.

Offering exceptional value for money is Infantino’s 3-in-1 Projector Mobile. Available in pink or grey and suitable from birth, little ones can sleep soundly through the night with this nightlight. The star projector illuminates the room easing fears of the dark while the mobile plays soothing melodies. The mobile also features a mirror reflecting a friendly face and an auto shut-off’ timer after 20 minutes. As children grow, this nightlight can transform in 3 ways: a mobile, star projector mounted onto the crib and then a bedside projector. 

Infantino mobile

Another bedside option is Infantino’s Soothing Light and Projector. This musical nightlight and starry sky projector is ideal for soothing tiny stargazers to sleep. This product features six musical selections and three natural noise choices with a ten-minute auto off timer to calm and comfort children. If baby wakes during the night, the unit’s smart sensor will detect sound and then activate the tranquil blue light. Suitable from birth, it can be mounted onto a cot and then, as they grow, it easily transitions between a projector and a night lamp and also converts to a dresser top projector for continued bedtime use.


Infantino projector

“Bedtime is the most challenging time”

The brand’s recent survey, which unveiled that parents found ‘Bedtime’ (between the hours of 7-9pm) the most challenging time of the day with almost 25% of participants choosing this time as the most difficult. *

Commenting on Infantino’s bedtime heroes, Nivi Bhide, Marketing Director at Infantino Europe, said: “As our survey revealed, a lot of parents do struggle with their child’s bedtime routine and it can be difficult to create the perfect environment for sleep. Both our 3-in-1 Projector Mobile and Soothing Light and Projector offer families exceptional value for money. They encompass everything from a nightlight including soothing sounds, calming lights, auto cry sensors, cute characters and best of all they both grow with child.”

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