Infantino expands its Grow-with-Me range:
2-in-1 Tummy Time & Seated Support

This progressive cushion starts out as a playful tummy time prop to assist the development of head and neck muscles, and then cleverly transforms into a hugging seat positioner for early sitters. The charming and colourful design is engaging for little ones, who will also love the 2 detachable and repositionable toys, including a crinkly toucan, as well as a mirror and a soft textured BPA free teether to chew on.

Grow-with-Me 4-in-1 Two-Can-Dine Deluxe Feeding Booster Seat

An ideal solution to keeping baby safely at the table. Easily attaching to any dining chair, parents can safely fasten baby to the seat to let them join mealtimes from their very own space at the table.

With 4 ways to be used, parents can stack it up, or split it up, depending on how it needs to be used – essentially providing the option to use the genius product in four completely different ways, or even at the same time! When stacked together, the infant booster provides height enhancement to accommodate smaller babies, whilst splitting the layers creates both an infant seat and toddler booster for growing children, so two can dine at the same time.

The 3-in-1 Projector Musical Mobile

Sure to get little dreamers sleeping soundly through the night from birth until toddlerhood, this versatile projector can be used in three ways:

  • From birth to 5 months, parents are able to use it as a musical mobile to sooth baby.

  • From 6 to 18 months, it can be changed to become a crib night light, as well as a projector, sure to mesmeriselittle ones into a sleepy slumber.

  • Once the 18 month mark arrives, it transforms into a tabletop light & projector, truly offering brilliant value for money.

With the star projector illuminating the room, it is sure to ease any little ones that are scared of the dark, whilst playing soothing melodies too. Also featuring a mirror and a 20-minute auto shut-off timer, it comes in a neutral grey colour, sure to fit into any décor too.


As always with Infantino, the trusted brand has a range of products that last and grow with the family. Offering quality products that stand the test of time, support development and bring joy as little ones grow, the value for money is unmatched.

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