The world of digital marketing is powered by more than websites and social media. The power of influencers continues to rise and can make a real difference to brands and retailers. We spoke to Amber Stevenson, owner of PR agency, Azaria, to find out her views.

How do you think independent retailers can work with bloggers/influencers to drive footfall?

Influencer marketing can be a relatively cost-effective way for independent retailers to show their store’s offering or specific products.

They can also shout about offers and promotions. It works particularly well if influencers are supporting their local store or a website where followers can swipe-up to buy the item they are being shown.  You can also set up exclusive discounts for a specific influencer’s followers, which is always well-received.

And the main plus is that it is all trackable, which means you can see that an influencer’s posts have generated a specific number of sales – the holy grail of ROI!

What benefits does influencer marketing bring brands?

At this point in time, influencer marketing has never been more buoyant.  Some clients are concerned about the #ad transparency but if you follow someone you admire, or someone who makes you laugh and they use a product, whether they’ve been paid to or not, you still take that in, you’re still influenced by that.  It’s subliminal, you can’t help it.

Tell us about your new Influencer Intel resource?

Obviously, we’ve been working in this industry for a long time and so we’ve always had people approach us to work with our brands. 

Back in the day these were Mummy Bloggers – and what a lovely lot they were. I honestly thought that bubble would burst after a few years but how wrong was I! 

Now it’s another world and we get around 20 emails a day from influencers wanting to join our team.  We’ve always had an amazing database of these people but we noticed that clients need more INSIGHT into who we match them to. 

What are the foundations on which your agency has been built and how does this translate into every day business?

I have built my agency on the foundations I apply to everything I do; hard work always pays off. And so does being kind. I don’t buy this mean boss strategy – who wants to work day in day out for someone who doesn’t appreciate you? I want all my team to love their job and, in turn, that love gets passed to our clients.

What do you love about being in the baby business?

There is never a dull moment! Because babies are born all the time, there is always something or someone new to focus on. It’s wonderful that we can create long-standing relationships with people as their babies grow. Plus, I like that fact that it is a small, friendly industry.

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