Hippychick has been appointed as the official UK and Ireland distributor for Fraupow, the new wearable breast pump.

Fraupow is a wearable, comfortable, effective and affordable breast pump. Retailing at £79.99, it offers cost-effective, hands-free convenience and is USB rechargable and adaptable for all sizes. 

Created by Sunita Boyes in 2020, Fraupow takes the stress out of pumping.  Sunita wanted to be able to offer an everyday pump for the everyday mum. As midwives often advise, one of the most important pieces of equipment that the vast majority of breastfeeding mums need to support nursing their babies alongside busy lifestyles, is an effective electric breastpump. Later, they can be invaluable in short-cutting growth spurts or boosting the milk supply by stimulating the breasts to produce more milk over a shorter time.

Sunita Boyes comments: “We are excited to announce the appointment of Hippychick as our official distributor for UK & Ireland. We look forward to working with this award-winning distributor who bring over 20 years of experience in the nursery industry. They have built an impressive track record of consistently developing brands and we are confident that it will be a successful partnership bringing relief and comfort to mothers everywhere.”

Julia Minchin adds: “We met Fraupow at the Harrogate Nursery Fair and are really thrilled to be working with Sunita to ensure that Fraupow becomes the “must have” breast pump for new mums. As the cost of living increases new families are increasingly going to be focussing even more on essentials and Fraupow sits really well beside our existing nursery brands.”

For more information on Fraupow and to find out about becoming a stockist, contact the Hippychick sales team on 01278 434440 or sales@hippychick.com and speak to Alan or Mike.

About Hippychick

Hippychick is a well established family business, founded in 1999 by Julia Minchin. Winners of the highly prestigious Progressive Pre-School Best Distributor Award several years running, Hippychick brings innovative and exciting products to family homes at the same time as providing exceptional customer service. Each product in their nursery range is carefully selected based on design, quality, and whether they will make parents’ lives easier. They have excellent supply lines open to the major retailers as well as providing an exceptional service to 500+ independent shops across the UK and Ireland.


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