UK brand, Lullu Dolls, has launched its newest ‘Florence’ doll – a handcrafted, long-lasting best friend for any child that will survive well into their adult years to act as a memento of their childhood.
Key features:
  • 40 cm (16 inches) tall weighing roughly 0.5 kg.

  • Rotatable head and legs which can stand or sit – handy after a long day of adventuring.

  • Hand sewn, luxuriously soft hair that can be braided, combed or styled as you prefer.

  • Filled with certified polyester ovate – specially woven for sewing dolls – and contains no timber or metal. Soft and safe to play with.

  • Body and face made using cotton tricot which is hypoallergenic and OEKO-TEX® certified.

  • All the Lullu Doll family are handmade in the Waldorf style (also known as Steiner) Each of the dolls takes up to 5 days to make and the range comes in different ethnicities and genders.


Dolls start from £89.99, Florence starts from £109.99

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About Lullu Dolls

While on maternity leave, Lullu Dolls founder Kate decided to create something for her daughters that could become a memento of their childhood.

So, she chose to create a doll. After searching, she couldn’t find any ready-made dolls. Most found were plastic, mass produced and very similar to each other. So she created a range of handmade Waldorf-style dolls with an intentionally simple appearance, in order to allow children to develop their own imagination and creative play.”

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