Having helped more than 200,000 families in Australia and New Zealand, Glow Dreaming – backed by science and engineered for sleep –  finally comes to the UK.
Glow Dreaming is an Australian brand with the purpose of solving sleep as a foundation for a better life.  Helping families create the optimum environment to help babies and children nod off as well as offering support to make sleep easy for parents of newborn babies, or anyone needing a better sleep!  
There are 3 sleep aids in the range including the Glow Sleep Easy, Glow Travel Sleep Easy for parents on the go and the Glow Perfect Sleep Sensor.
The Glow Sleep Easy which launched this month, is a 5-in-1 sleep aid that helps babies and children get the sleep they deserve. The device, which can be controlled via a free App; combines Red LED Light Therapy, Pink Noise, Humidifier and aromatherapy, which work together to relax and calm babies and children and help them fall asleep. And when things don’t quite go to plan, there is sleep support via the App and a team of experts on hand to help.
For more information, contact: 

Erin.Povey@glowdreaming.com for Sales and Stacey.Simpson@glowdreaming.com for Marketing

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