How do you comply with GDPR obligations if you want to ask your employees if they've had
Covid-19 or you want to test them?

This short seminar will look at:

  • the context of the GDPR in this post Brexit era
  • whether you can process personal data for the purposes of testing your staff and alerting other staff to any risks identified
  • how to manage any risks associated with such processing

The speaker, Sara Ludlam is a solicitor and partner in the Leeds law firm, 3volution Limited.  Sara has been specialising in the laws around data protection since 2016 and has over 24 years’ experience in the field of commercial law and dispute management.  (She is not an employment lawyer so any employment aspects of the topic will not be covered.)  She is a regular public speaker and was interviewed live on Sky News in January this year on the subject of GDPR, privacy and copyright law in the context of the Duchess of Sussex’s legal battle with Associated Newspapers (The Mail on Sunday).