Specialist marketing agency Azaria has this week published its annual Family Report, which shows that parents care about the environment more than ever before and actively seek brands that align with their values.

From shopping preferences to social media use and the continued effects of lockdown restrictions, Azaria shares its research to give brands access to this invaluable insight.

Surveying over 2,000 parents, via market research specialists Mumsviews, Azaria highlights current habits, views and behaviours of the average UK parent in an easy-to-read infographic. 

Whilst it is no surprise that most families (86%) are feeling the squeeze from the significant rise in living costs, it’s encouraging to see that predominantly, parents remain positive about their family life.  

Key take-outs:
  • Three quarters of those surveyed said they love brands that care for the environment
  • Seven out of 10 do less than a third of their shopping on the high street
  • 44% said that free delivery remains a key factor when online shopping 
  • Eight out of 10 sometimes or always actively look to support small/local businesses
  • Over half (53%) say they don’t feel loyal to specific brands
  • Over half (56%) said they use social media more this year than last
  • Six out of 10 sometimes purchase after seeing social ads

These results are indicative that families in 2022 are value and environmentally driven. They research before they buy, to find the best product for the right price. But also consider shopping local and actively choosing products and brands that align with their values, because sustainability is important to them.

Thanks to mobile technology, social media and COVID-19, today’s parents can conveniently shop whenever and wherever they want – even while doing household chores or when baby is taking a nap. They are regularly notified on products and services, through targeted, relevant social and Google ads, and able to take advantage of a wider choice of products online, often with free (fast) delivery & returns. 

Amber Steventon, Managing Director comments:

“As we head into our third year of living with the pandemic, it’s not a surprise to see that our UK families are relying on social media and digital marketing more than ever. Our research shows that 2022 could be a ‘tipping point’, where shoppers are now actively seeking/choosing products and brands that align with their values, as they look to preserving our planet for future generations.

“With just over 50% revealing that they are not currently brand loyal, there is clearly an opportunity for retailers and manufacturers to additionally benefit from converting these single purchasers into brand purchasers. Because we all know that in crowded marketplace, loyalty matters more now, than ever before.”

About Azaria

As an award-winning agency, Azaria has gained an enviable reputation for creating engaging campaigns for all family businesses, from industry giants to small start-ups. Providing a multi-level PR, Marketing service, clients can take advantage of the company’s extensive PR experience, ranging from media relations and influencer marketing to media buying and Digital Marketing, including; Google Shopping, Shopify and expertly created Facebook ads to complement the PR activities and ensure fully-rounded campaigns that drive awareness, web hits and product sales. 

Dominating in specialist PR with its expertise in this arena for over 16-years, Azaria knows how to create a must-have campaign and help brands become household names.

Further information

For more information on Azaria visit www.azariapr.co.uk, follow what they are up to @azaria_ltd and say hi to Amber and the Team at hello@azariapr.co.uk or head over to our listing page

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