70% of parents lose more than 130 nights* of sleep in their baby’s first year alone.

That’s according to a national survey of more than 1,300 parents, commissioned by Snüz, which revealed the realities of parental sleep deprivation.

In a separate poll of Snüz’s army of 82k+ parents on Instagram, it was also revealed that:

  • 88% admitted sleepless nights being a cause of stress
  • 77% talked about the anxiety they feel even before bedtime starts as they anticipate a sleepless night
  • 65% of those questioned said they often felt lonely when up late with their newborn.

Concerned by the results, Snüz felt it was important to open up the discussion and provide an outlet for parents to connect with. Sleep Support Month is a national campaign to support sleep deprived parents. Throughout the whole of March, Snüz will be supporting and educating new parents in dealing with the challenges of sleep through information, giveaways, and sleep advice from experts including The Honest Midwife. 

Sleep Support Month is held with support from The Sleep Charity, an organisation passionate about raising awareness of the impact of sleep deprivation, as well as providing training and advice.  

The Sleep Charity will be helping provide an expert voice and tips for parents, and in return, the brand will donate £5 for every SnüzCloud sold during March to support all the amazing work they do promoting understanding and awareness around the complexities of sleep.

Snüz will also be introducing its Snüz Sleep Saviours, real mums and dads jumping online to share their experiences of parenthood and baby sleep with its community each week.

Commenting on its launch of Sleep Support Month, Mark Nicholls, Marketing Director at Snüz said:
“Parents are not only losing sleep in the first year, but they are also often feeling stressed, anxious and lonely. We strongly feel it is our responsibility to help, and although we can’t turn up at their houses to offer a naptime for the family, we can commit a full month to trying to help from afar. A virtual pat on the back for the community of parents online. The month is bursting with advice, support, positivity and a large helping of ‘You’ve Got This’ to keep parents going and aid the ZZZ’s!”

Each week will feature content from a number of experts and speakers such as Midwife & Founder of Let’s Talk Birth and Baby Louise Broadbridge – better known as The Honest Midwife, Baby Behaviour Expert Sam Saunders – also known as The Baby Guru, Parenting Consultant Elizabeth Day, and many more!

*based on the average of 7-9 recommended hours 

For more information on the survey results and Sleep Support Month, visit the Snüz website and on social media, follow #SleepSupportMonth

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