MAM UK has appointed Damian Butler as the new managing director of its UK business. In this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Nursery Online, Damian tells us about MAM’s product development process and safety and innovation initiatives, its approach to sustainability, MAM’s new partnership with the UK’s NHS – and plenty more:

As market leaders, how does MAM partner with paediatricians, lactation consultants and other healthcare professionals to ensure that your products align with the latest recommendations for infant nutrition, feeding and care?

All MAM products are researched and developed in partnership with relevant medical experts including midwives, paediatricians and dentists. We understand the importance of healthcare professionals and the valuable input we receive from them. MAM has developed strong relationships with paediatric doctors and HCPs on a global level, and within local markets to ensure that we are receiving a wide range of knowledge from these individuals.

Together with them, we continuously work on further improvements of our products and share our knowledge by making study results available on our website for healthcare professionals. 

Within MAM UK, we have a dedicated and experienced range of healthcare professionals including midwives within our immediate team who support with new product development, as well as attending our customer events and educating parents directly. We frequently attend and exhibit at medical conferences to gain face to face feedback from practitioners within the field who are with families day in, day out, and we are actively adding to our bank of information each year.

How does MAM address the challenges some parents face during the feeding process (such as nipple confusion or colic)?

Product development always starts with conversations with medical experts to understand the challenges parents are facing, and ultimately what the product needs to deliver. We identified that many mothers experience a challenge when it comes to introducing a bottle to a breastfed child, combi feeding, and using soothers.

All our teats allow babies to drink naturally using the peristaltic tongue movement thanks to their unique symmetrical shape and SkinSoft silicone surface. This allows an easy transition between breast, bottle and soother without fear of “nipple confusion”, which is confirmed by babies with 94% accepting the MAM Skinsoft teat.

The MAM Easy Start bottles are also anti-colic thanks to their unique vented base which allows pressure in the bottle to remain even and babies to drink undisturbed. This allows babies to swallow less air and helps reduce 80% of colic symptoms*.

*Clinically proven: authentic and relaxed feeding. Market research 2009-2022, tested with 1643 babies

Can you tell us how MAM uses new technologies or scientific research to enhance the safety of its product designs, particularly concerning issues like maintaining proper milk temperature or minimising the risk of bacterial contamination?

In our opinion, good is not good enough. We do not just meet the highest standards for baby products, we exceed them and have been actively involved in shaping them at the European level for many decades. Our founder, Peter Röhrig, sits on the European Standardisation Committee (CEN) which sets the standard for the product safety standards across Europe. We don’t just meet these standards, we exceed them, and were recently honoured with the EU Product Safety Award which compliments businesses that put consumer safety at the forefront of what they do. In 2019 MAM received a “Special Mention” for setting and exceeding product safety standards for soothers and baby feeding equipment. Within this award, MAM was recognised for taking a leading role in developing relevant safety standards, which has actively contributed to raising safety levels throughout the industry. These achievements were acknowledged as MAM’s “life’s work”, which attributes the award a special significance and value. 

What initiatives does MAM have in place to make its baby bottle products more eco-friendly without compromising on quality or safety?

A sustainable and responsible approach to business is a fundamental part of this and is firmly set out in our company values. At MAM, we contribute actively to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 

United Nations, which promote an agenda for sustainable development to be achieved by 2030. The SDGs constitute an important guideline for our Sustainability Strategy.

We produce safe products to the highest standards of quality while also focusing on conserving resources. We use plastics that can be traced back to bio-circular raw materials, continually optimise our packaging, and help our consumers reduce CO2 in the use phase of our products.

We were the first brand to develop the self-sterilising case for soothers, and the self-sterilising bottles which reduce the use of CO2 emissions throughout the product life cycle.

How do you communicate your products and these features to retailers to support the sales process?

We are continuously developing our marketing materials to support retailers and we include the key USP’s of each product within all creative that we produce. We often work with retailers to produce bespoke communications that are appropriate for their customers. We also have an extensive sampling campaign with key accounts to drive trial and repeat purchase.

We also utilise our incredible team of Health Care Professionals that regularly train, educate and host events for our retailers. 

With online platforms and social media influencers shaping consumer trends, what strategies does MAM use to leverage digital marketing and community engagement to strengthen brand loyalty and increase market share in the competitive nursery baby business landscape?

We have a defined digital strategy that we execute with a select number of outstanding agencies within the UK to help us increase brand awareness to our niche target audience, and overall drive sales. We understand the changing landscape parents now find themselves in, and we have worked with leading influencers who are loyal to our brand to help educate parents on the benefits of our products. We recently executed an incredibly successful marketing campaign to support our first wearable breast pump which was endorsed by a first-time mum and much-loved celebrity, Oti Mabuse.

Our team of HCPs have hosted regular ‘MAM at Midnight’ Instagram live sessions, offering the opportunity for parents to gain advice and support immediately from experts.

Can you tell us more about the new NHS partnership and any other upcoming developments/news for the business?

MAM have developed a range of unique products which are specific to supporting premature babies whilst they are receiving treatment within neonatal units. The technology, research and development that has gone into our premature soothers has helped to change lives for many babies and parents. Our Innovation team worked intensively for seven years alongside medical experts to produce these medical grade devices, and MAM UK has worked with hospitals throughout the UK for a number of years to offer free samples of these products.

The feedback we have received from the hospitals has been incredible and this was the foundation for our wider conversations with the NHS. The hospitals also recognise the importance of our Easy Start Anti-Colic bottles for premature and newborn babies they provides thanks to the unique and steady feeding experience thanks to its unique value and premature babies find the teat comfortable to feed from.

MAM recently won a major contract to become the official partner for infant feeding and post pregnancy products commencing on the 29th February 2024 for 2 years. We are supplying 29 lines to NHS trusts across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. People know they can rely on the quality, safety and convenience of our products and it’s fantastic to be able to say that many of our most well-loved offerings will now be available to those in NHS care.

Finally, what do you love about working in the baby industry? 

We are here to support parents through the challenging but highly rewarding time of becoming a family, it is a rollercoaster. We know from experience that this can bring some incredible highs, and also some lows of navigating a new experience, and it’s fantastic to be part of a brand that offers such a support system for parents. Whatever feeding journey parents take, MAM is here to support them every step of the way.


The baby industry has always been a dynamic one with an evolving consumer base – we know that we have a new consumer born every minute! I am delighted to lead the UK team and I look forward to improving upon its existing success and future category expansion.

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