Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, Organix has announced its biggest category shakeup in its history with the launch of Baby Meals and Organix Kids.

Leading purpose-driven food brand Organix has announced the brand’s biggest shakeup since it was founded 30 years ago, with the launch of two new ranges: Baby Meals and Organix Kids, just launched initially in Asda and the Organix Online Shop plus further additions to its current finger food and snack ranges. 

Organix, who are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, are passionate about supporting parents on their little ones’ food journey, from the very first mouthful to the school lunch box. 

Knowing that parents are increasingly looking for healthy, nutritious meal and snack options, these exciting new food ranges are designed with these priorities in mind. Organix Baby Meals, which are aimed at 6 – 12months+, have been created with 100% recyclable pots, whilst the Organix Kids snacks range, aimed at 3 to 6 years, aims to empower parents to continue a healthy journey beyond their toddler years. 

Organix Baby Meals

Organix Baby Meals have been carefully developed for each stage of the weaning journey from 6 – 12 months+, helping little ones to explore a wide variety of delicious real foods that provide a range of tastes and textures not currently found in the baby aisle.

Organix Kids range

Organix Kids range celebrates real ingredients with punchy flavours to give kids a taste sensation with its selection of delicious oaty bars, bites and wholegrain puffs making it easier for little ones to continue on a healthy eating path for longer, by keeping parents shopping for snacks in the baby and toddler aisle, and away from the HFSS adult oriented snacks.  

The launches will be backed by a £2.5m marketing push spanning media, PR, sampling and events alongside in-store and online retailer activations, including being on gondola end in 300 of Asda’s top performing stores for four weeks from 22nd June.

Mark Golder, Managing Director at Organix, says: “2022 marks our 30th anniversary, celebrating 30 years of providing little ones with organic healthy, ‘go-to’ finger foods & snacks. We are proud of what we have achieved over this time, always going the extra mile to innovate and make the best nutritious and sustainable foods that parents know they can really rely on. This year will see our most significant programme of innovation, enabling even more little ones to enjoy the benefits of our foods. Our new range of baby meals sets new standards in the baby food category, with flavours and textures designed to spark a love of great food and raising the bar on recyclability and sustainability with 100% reusable & recyclable pots.” 

“We are providing parents with the opportunity to access healthier foods for longer. Our Kids range supports parents in finding healthier foods for their growing children, since our foods are markedly different from adult snacks that are often marketed at children. Our kids’ range is non-HFSS, and uses only organic ingredients with nothing artificial included. Thankfully, healthier food does not need to mean any compromise in flavour either – our new snacks certainly pack a punch in the taste department! And our transparent labelling means parents can be reassured of the quality ingredients in our foods.”

For more information on Organix visit www.organix.com

Organix Baby Meals 

The new Organix Baby Meals range is designed to champion real organic food, introducing a wide variety of tastes, textures and flavours for every development stage – with over 55% veg & pulses in each meal. The meals are In line with the planetary health diet guidelines, ingredients such as grains, plant-based proteins for example chickpeas & lentils  have been prioritised, but some of the meals aimed at older kids also include meat options to help provide a range of flavours and nutrients. 

All recipes are expertly balanced to ensure little ones are eating ingredients that are grown on organic farms, put together simply and tastily, to spark curiosity and a love of great food early on and encourage them to go on and discover more great food experiences as they develop.  

The meals come in recyclable clear pots rather than pouches, to help babies develop their sensory appreciation for food through spoon feeding, as they can see what they are eating.. The pots also allow for a wider variety of textures and chunks to be incorporated, key to the dietary development stages for weaning. The pots are 100% recyclable, and can be reused and resealed, to ensure they are kind to the environment as well as little ones’ tummies. 

The range is tailored to key weaning development milestones:
  • First Tastes for 6 months+: 

    • 100% fruit or vegetable purees, so parents and little ones can begin the weaning journey feeling confident they are eating only the best healthy, nutritious foods

    • The purees consist of duo packs available in three different varieties: 

      • Organix Perfect Pumpkin

      • Organix Easy Peas 

      • Organix Peachy Peach

    • Packs are multi-use: suitable for spoon, dip or stir-in

  • Explorer Foods for 7+ months, and 9+ months:

    • Tasty organic meals that introduce a wider variety of ingredients, packed with vegetables, herbs and pulses, with at least 1 of a baby’s 5 a day in every meal and over 55% vegetables and pulses.

    • Designed to support parents with the introduction of protein, using more plant and less animal, in line with Planetary Health Diet guidelines

    • Early Explorers Meals are suitable from 7 months+:

      • Organix Creamy Root Veggies & Chicken (>55% veg)

      • Organix Herby Butternut & Beans (>70% veg) 

      • Organix Magnificent 7 Veggies (75% veg) 

      • Organix Rainbow Veggies with Lentils (>75% veg) 

    • Food Explorer Meals are suitable for 9months+:

      • Organix Very Veggie Pasta with Herbs  (80% veg) 

      • Organix Hearty Sweet Potato & Lentils with Chicken  (>80% veg)

      • Organix 5 Sunshine Veggies with Red Lentils (80% veg)

      • Organix Tropical Chickpeas with Rice  (>80% veg)

  • Sunshine Bowls for Active Toddlers 12 months+:

    • Designed to be a healthy top up  with two varieties that contain real fruit pieces, organic yoghurt and wholegrain oats & wheat – a great source of fibre

      • Organix Berry Sunshine Bowl with Yoghurt, Banana & Oats

      • Organix Tropical Sunshine Bowl with Yoghurt, Mango and Oats

    • Handy for on-the-go or at home, they can also act as a mid morning top up , similar to overnight oats for adults

Organix Kids

The launch of Organix Kids is another exciting development for the brand, designed to provide a tasty, non-HFSS alternative to products sold in the adult-orientated main snack category aisles. The range of healthy and tasty snacks targeted at 3–6-year-olds celebrates real ingredients and aims to make healthier food fun, with packaging designed for an older age group.

Including a range of punchy flavours, these super tasty snacks are packed with real, tasty ingredients and a taste sensation kids will love. The whole range is designed to appeal to older children with bright, fun packaging and vibrant flavours, whilst ticking parents’ boxes by being under 100 kcals, made with real, organic ingredients, with nothing artificial.

The Organix Kids range enables parents to give kids delicious snacks that have more advanced taste & flavours, and that make them feel more grown up. Parents can also feel reassured that they are giving their little ones a healthy alternative to snacks from the adult offering off aisle for on-the-go or lunchboxes. 

7 delicious and nutritious snacks will launch the Organix Kids range:

  • Oaty Bars: Luscious Lemon & Lime and Marvellous Mandarin & Apple 

  • Mini Oat Bites: Cool Choco Mint and Crazy Choco Orange

  • Wholegrain Llama Puffs: Cheese & Onion, Pizza and BBQ

Mark Golder says: “Supporting parents better with healthier snacks for kids aged 3 and over is a new territory for Organix, and an area we’re excited to be entering into. Our aim is to provide healthier snacks that children will enjoy eating and parents are happy to give because of their superior nutritional content. We have created snacks to fill the gap between breakfast and lunch for active, on- the- go, older children, helping to keep their energy levels topped up and keeping them full until lunch. The Organix Kids range are high quality, organic snacks that ensure kids are best prepared for the demands of the day.  These snacks are non HFSS, under 100 Kcals and come with our No Junk Promise, meaning there is nothing unnecessary in there.”

Wider product launches

Alongside this big shake up and range extension, Organix has some further products launching in the baby finger food and toddler snack category, including Rice Cake Clouds, Weaning Wands and a new Limited Edition Oaty Bar.

Organix has redeveloped their top selling Rice Cakes with an improved recipe that offers a lighter, fluffier and meltier rice cake making them even more appealing to little ones. They will be relaunching as Rice Cake Clouds first in Sainsbury’s in June and Asda in July.

The new Weaning Wands are a grabbable and melt-in-the-mouth finger food to help little ones begin their weaning journey. Suitable for 6 months+, the wands are perfectly sized for little hands and are made from a multigrain combination of oats and corn. With the choice of either banana or strawberry flavour, little ones will love these magical self-feeding foods.  

Finally, off the back of the success of their limited-edition Choco Orange Oaty Bar which launched in 2021, Organix is launching a new limited-edition Blueberry & Apple Oaty Bar. Organix has also made the Choco Orange Oaty Bar a permanent listing after it became the top selling new product launch in the baby finger food and toddler snack category in 2021.