Having a new baby can be overwhelming but the Good Baby Guide aims to help by taking the guesswork out of selecting products. Its independent reviews by experts and parents who actually use the products in real life will give consumers that authentic insight to help them choose products that are right for their baby.

Nursery brands are invited to submit their baby products so they can benefit from the extensive PR activity surrounding the guide’s launch. 

The Good Baby Guide is always reviewing and exploring the latest parenting and baby must haves on the market for both parent and baby, stocking only products that offer babies a safe and developmentally beneficial experience.

Below are just a few of the latest exciting additions to the Good Baby Guide product range:

Bibs Cuddle Cloth Kangaroo 

These super soft cuddle cloths are durable, easy to clean and can be given to babies from birth. Made from ultra-soft organic cotton each cuddle cloth comes complete with a pacifier ring, so that any pacifier can be attached to ensure baby’s favourite pacifier always remains close and can be found easily. Being machine washable ensures that the cuddle cloth can remain fresh and germ free from everyday usage. Providing comfort and security to baby, the cuddle cloth provides early stimulation and can be used in the first steps of self-soothing. The adorable kangaroo ears are a sweet and unique addition, which children can grip onto to help in the early development of their fine motor skills and grip strength. Available in five different colours, the Kangaroo cuddle cloths will be a firm favourite.

Bibs Wobbly Tower

The Bibs Wobbly Tower is a multi-use activity toy where the only limit is your imagination!  Made from 100% safe and food-grade material, parents can be rest assured that if their child decides to chew on the pieces, the material is toxin free. The multi-functional design encourages children to stack the pieces but also allows for both sand and water play, with small holes of different sizes offering a shower effect. Stimulating the senses, the different textures and rattling sounds allow for a range of different sensory experiences. Designed to develop the child’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial reasoning, developmentally the Bibs Wobbly Tower ticks all the boxes. Designed for children aged from 6 months and above, they can play with these on their own, but also directly with their caregiver. Hide objects underneath and watch their delight upon the reveal, or stack them in size order and topple the tower over!

Bibs Baby Bitie

Baby Bitie is a flexible, textured teether, perfect for soothing baby’s painful gums. Coming in both a star and heart shape and a range of different colours, there are plenty to choose from. 100% recyclable, 100% BPA and phthalate free and made from 100% safe, food-grade material, parents can rest easy knowing that this is made from the highest quality materials making for safe chewing. Different textures help to relieve the pain felt from teething and the ring-shaped design ensures that baby can grip onto it easier, encouraging development of grip strength and fine motor skills from an early age. Suitable for babies aged 2 months and above, the Bibs Baby Bitie is ideally placed for teething babies. Being dishwasher safe, it can be sterilised easily with minimal effort, to ensure that it is free from germs for use time and time again.


Maxspace Comfort System+

The AGR certified Maxspace Comfort System, is the first child’s car seat that supports the healthy development of the spine. Developed by physicians, physiotherapists and leading scientists, the Maxspace Comfort System offers Lordosis support in the lower back area that can be adapted to the spine, and its soft and well-shaped padding provides optimal leg support. The pillow under the neck relieves the neck muscles and the gentle seat recline ensures comfortable travel. Suitable for children between 100cm and 150cm, this is a Stage three car seat for children of a wide height range. Not only does the Maxspace Comfort System offer an array of health benefits, but it also provides a multitude of safety benefits too. With side bumper blocks and wraparound head rests, it ensures that children are protected from every angle. It can also be fitted with an isofix and a seat belt, making it ideal to be suited to a range of different cars. Made from high quality and durable material, the covers can be easily removed and are machine washable meaning that any spills or stains can be easily removed, and the car seat remains clean and germ free!

Find out how to have your nursery product included in the Good Baby Guide at: https://www.goodplayguide.com/good-baby-guide        

About Dr. Amanda Gummer and The Good Play Guide

Dr. Amanda Gummer is a child psychologist with over 20 years’ experience working with children and families. Widely considered as a go-to expert on play, toys, and child development, she combines her theoretical knowledge with a refreshingly pragmatic approach to parenting and family life. Her book “PLAY: Fun ways to help your child develop in the first five years,” has been translated into multiple languages with extracts being published in The Toy Association’s Genius of Play initiative, for which she is an expert ambassador.

Committed to making the world more playful, Amanda is founder of The Good Play Guide (home of the Good Toy Guide), offering expert independent advice and reviews on a wider range of children’s products, toys, apps and activities to encourage a healthy balanced play diet.

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