New for 2022, distributed by BreathableBaby and winner of the Baby Products Association’s 2021 BANTA Awards – is PurePail an environmentally-friendly nappy disposal system, which not only abolishes bad smells but helps to reduce plastic waste by 30%.

PurePail’s patented odour containment system uses proven technology with sealed bags and charcoal filters to absorb odours without the use of added fragrance. The smaller pail holds 20% more nappies than other leading brands, generating 34% less plastic waste. There is also a travel version PurePail Go – which folds to an incredibly small 3.5 inches removing bad smells both at home and away.

BreathableBaby is best known for its range of cot liners and as the warmer summer months approach, parents will be searching for solutions to keep their babies cool and fresh during balmy nights. BreathableBaby has a range of products to help.

Air flow is extremely important and BreathableBaby’s fully breathable cot liners not only provide a cosy sleep space and stop little arms and legs from getting stuck in the cot slats; but allows air to circulate freely around the baby helping to keep it cool.

Breathablebaby’s cot liners come in sizes to fit every design of cot, with a gorgeous array of designs. Hugely popular for 2022 is Woodland Walk with favourite UK wildlife including squirrels, hedgehogs, rabbits and deer; and Rainforest with an array of species such as cheeky monkeys, elephants and giraffes.

Enchanted Forest and Twinkle Grey are also available as bed sets with cot liner and two matching super soft jersey cotton cot sheets.

For more information about these and other fabulous ‘must have’ baby products from BreathableBaby, visit or contact Rachelle Harel at or call +44 7976 773486

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