Bursting with colour and promising endless play opportunities, Lalaboom beads have been designed to grow with little ones from 10 months to 4 years old. The unique and high-quality toys have been cleverly designed to pop, snap, twist, mix, screw, clip, lace, build and stack to awaken the senses.

The super fun, educational toys will let children’s imaginations run free, thanks to the bright colours and varied textures to stimulate young minds. Children will be learning and developing their fine motor skills, pattern recognition and problem-solving skills without even knowing it!

Montessori approach of creative education

Thoughtfully developed following the respected Montessori approach of creative education, each Lalaboom kit offers something truly special. From bath time, to playtime, the unique multipurpose toys are suitable for water play as well, making the options for play endless and saving parents /carers needing multiple toys! Even better, they can be easily pulled apart to be cleaned.


Start with a 12 piece set, or go bigger with a 24 or even 36 piece kit. Lalaboom’s entire range is inter-compatible and can be enjoyed as a full set, or just a few beads – ideal for travel or keeping in the changing bag. Each one offers an ideal toy for early sensory explorations by simply handling the beads, right up to being in the throes of establishing fine motor skills when toddlers can twist the beads together.

The brand is committed to making its toys last in more ways than one, each piece is of the highest quality and fully flexible to avoid breakages – ultimately reducing plastic waste at the same time.

Innovation meets simplicity

Innovation meets simplicity with these striking toys that can be assembled, stacked, twisted and screwed as much as a little one’s heart’s desire. It’s the toy that keeps giving, promising endless fun and educational benefits! What’s not to Lala-love! 

  • Lalaboom Educational Beads and Accessories (12 piece) | RRP: £7 |Available from: Kidly
  • Lalaboom Educational Beads and Accessories (24 piece) | RRP: £13.99 | Available from: JoJo Maman Bebe
  • Lalaboom Educational Beads and Accessories (28 Piece) | RRP: £17 | Available from: Kidly
  • Lalaboom 5-in-1 Snap Beads – (36 piece) | RRP: £22.95 | Available from: Wicked Uncle
About Lalaboom

Alarmed by the statistic that the average lifespan of a toy is a mere 6months, Lalaboom was uniquely designed and created in 2018. Lalaboom beads and toys help children aged between 10 months and 4 years of age to develop their key motor skills, step by step. Whilst providing endless hours of fun, each toys are genuine educational tools and are designed for long-term use, turning the traditional approach to making toys well and truly on its head.