Ecoprams is delighted to share the news that the brand is ready to showcase its anticipated 7-in-1 travel system in the New Year. The patented technology combines simple, iconic, novel and intelligent British engineering with smart & modern entertainment features for babies.



Founder, Fateha Chowdhury (Tia) comments, “Ecoprams’ innovative, practical, stylish and technologically advanced infant and child products make the day-to-day routine of raising children less challenging for adults and more entertaining for children. We care deeply about helping parents, grandparents and carers overcome the daily challenges of childcare, whether it’s managing shopping bags whilst taking your baby for a stroll, or keeping little ones entertained whilst out and about’.  She adds, “It’s been a great experience building EcoPrams’ products and some of the essentials to bring about a new generational stroller-travel-system to the mix. It certainly is a totally new revolution; the much-needed new simplistic and compact entertainment and soothing features with world-class sophisticated engineering, and the first ever shopping basket on the upper frame of the stroller patented back in 2012.”

Bringing the fine-tuned product to the market has been a labour of love over the past years, with stringent safety tests combined with the development of 3 to 4 pieces of new engineering.

Tia further comments, “Despite the hurdles over the past years, I am so excited to bring my product to friends, old and new in the sector.”

EcoPrams is currently approaching retail and distribution partners to showcase the release of their new products. Please email or visit

The brand is asking interested parties to sign up to receive information by 9th January to find out more.

Strollers and car seat brands can also get in touch for partnership opportunities by the 9th January 2021. The unique design has been patented to provide ground breaking innovations which are ready to incorporate onto some of the leading branded strollers.

Ecoprams would also love to hear from you if you are interested in joining the team as a UK or Ireland Account Managers, or International Account Manager.  You can sign up via the website: or email

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