Kate Harding is excited to announce the launch of eco rascals to retailers in the UK.

The RETAIL MAMA sales and marketing freelancer comments “The summer launch collection includes beautifully crafted bamboo plates, bowls and spoons. These on-trend, eco weaning essentials come complete with an extensive choice of colours so retailers can have a lot of fun to mix & match to suit their customer base.”

Harding continues “eco rascals packaging is made using recycled card. Each product has a strong hang tab giving retailers the choice to hang the products or merchandise them on the shelves in store.”

The cut-out window allows the shopper to view the quality of the product and see the colour of the detachable silicone suction base.

Aesthetically the boxes are reflective of the organic, simple and natural nature of the products.

Eco Rascals

Who are eco rascals

Who are eco rascals?

eco rascals™ was founded in 2018 by two Mums, Celeidh and Kris from Essex. They had a joint passion to create a range of children’s tableware that was organic, practical and as eco-friendly as possible. What started as an exercise to find a solution to mess-free mealtimes, spiraled into a love for children’s feeding products in super stylish designs.

Harding said “The retail packaging and products are all free from plastic, BPA, PVC, Lead, Melamine and Phthalates. Taking a look at what is in the products is equally important. They chose bamboo which is naturally organic as bamboo can be grown without the use of pesticides. Bamboo takes three to five years to grow before harvest, which means the product source is more sustainable than wood for example.”

Organic bamboo is eco-friendly, biodegradable, heat, stain, odour and water resistant and most importantly it is non-toxic. Perfect for babies and children. Natural bamboo looks stylish, and is a flexible and durable material.

Values vs Value

The eco rascals™ launch is a welcome entry to the UK.

Molly Francis Coleman of BabyBirds stores said “More and more parents are becoming aware of their carbon footprint. New parents are wanting recyclable products, something that is sustainably sourced, with some environmental benefit. We’ve seen a decline in cheap throw-aways and a rise of good quality, sustainable products.”

Ian Davidson, Store Owner of Babylicious, BPA Independent retailer Judge of 10years and Nursery Trade Facebook Page admin said “I have been challenging existing suppliers to give the trade more choice when it comes to sustainability of the products available to sell to new parents. I’m not the only ‘Eco Warrior’ in the trade, so I know this is an opportunity for suppliers and new comers like eco rascals™ to improve the supply chain for Baby products and help retailers and parents make more sustainable and informed choices instore.”

Harding agrees this is an opportunity not just for eco rascals™ but for the nursery trade “I’ve worked on a number of sustainability initiatives in the Grocery industry such as working with NGO’s to help retailers on this subject. Being relatively new to the Nursery industry having become a mother myself recently, I was surprised with the clear white space for innovation and initiatives in ‘Baby’, compared to the work in Grocery and Convenience Stores to make a difference to customers and the planet. New families are the start of the cohort for future generations. New habits start here. Yet the ranges currently available in stores leave many parents wanting more, which means parents have to shop around online to find products that match their personal and family values, over value. This launch I hope is just what retailers have been looking for within the ‘Weaning’, ‘Baby essentials’ and ‘Eco’ categories in store.”

Davidson continues, “The natural materials mean that children can be nurtured in the best way from birth and should grow with a healthy outlook on plastic waste being so unnecessary, like throw away packaging on baby foods and nappies. Just terrible.”

Cups to compliment the plates, bowls and spoons… coming soon

Harding gives a sneak peak of a future launch, “With bamboo cups and silicone sippy lids to join the retailer line up in Autumn… this brand is set to fly off of the shelves. The company values, the thought around the life cycle of the products and the people behind the brand was my favourite discovery at K&J. I’m super excited to be working with them and taking orders already.”