Anti-colic Bottle Brand, Dr Brown’s has been used to bottle feed a baby gorilla born prematurely at Howletts Wild Animal Park in Canterbury.

After being born prematurely, Yaounde, a Western Lowland Gorilla, was abandoned by her mother at birth. Having tried various feeding methods, staff at the Animal Park discovered that the Dr Brown’s Options + Preemies Bottles were the only bottles Yaounde took to. The 100% vacuum free bottle design is ideal for feeding premature babies as the babies don’t have to fight against the growing vacuum that builds up in a traditional bottle. Coupled with the narrow teat and slow flow, it proved ideal for Yaounde and as she thrived, her keepers progressed to the next level of Dr Brown’s Bottle and teat.

Baby Gorilla bottle feeding

George Newman, Gorilla Keeper from Howletts Wild Animal Park said:

“Yaounde was in a very vulnerable condition when we discovered her and it took a number of weeks before she was able to suckle from a bottle. Dr Brown’s preemie bottle was the only one that she could use. Amazingly she is now more than 4 times her birth weight and continues to develop. A big thank you to Dr Brown’s for their generosity and continued support.”

Amy Sellers, Assistant Marketing Manager at Dr Brown’s adds:

“We were more than happy to help out when we received the call from the team at Howletts. Our preemie bottles are extremely popular with parents of premature babies and it’s great to know that Yaounde is also enjoying the benefits of our vacuum free bottles – we look forward to following her journey into adulthood and she will always have a special place in our hearts here.’