New from Danish brand, dantoy, is the Blue Marine range of toys, produced from waste maritime materials, including fishing nets, ropes and trawls.

In 2018 dantoy launched its BIO-line which was made from sugarcane, followed in 2020 by their GREEN BEAN line, offering products made from internal waste. Then, in 2021 dantoy launched their Take Back Strategy, in which they collect damaged dantoy toys to turn them into brand new toys.

And now, in 2022 – dantoy presents its newest line – Blue Marine Toys, a unique range of toys created from recycled maritime materials.

“Sustainability is not just a trend – it’s our DNA. By being open and welcoming the use of new materials, we can crack the need for new materials. It is a long and hard battle but here at dantoy it is a natural part of how we work and think” – Marck Matthiasen, CEO dantoy.

Blue Marine toys are produced at dantoy’s factory in Hobro, Denmark, where waste maritime materials, including fishing nets, ropes and trawls, are turned into sand and water play toys, in bright and appealing shades.

The sand and water play toys are directly inspired by the ocean with the colours and the shapes inspired by sand, water and corals.

The colours and the surface of the products are intentionally different from usual toys, however –  demonstrating to retailers, parents and children that the toys are 100% unique and fully sustainable.

“It is exciting and challenging to make colour mixes from fishing nets that have a dark green color as their base material. You have to think differently to achieve the different shades” – Inge S. Knakkergaard Quality and Environmental Coordinator, dantoy.

It is estimated that more than 12 million tonnes of plastic will end up in the sea every year and 10% of this is maritime waste such as nets, lines, and ropes. dantoy believes it is a natural choice to develop a line where sustainability can improve our oceans.

The dantoy Blue Marine Dumper RRP £19

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Anne Harding
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