Gathering more and more momentum as a UK leading digital publisher, The Dadsnet is launching its own influencer agency for Dad Creators.

With its own social following of over 300,000 and a weekly reach of over a million, The Dadsnet has launched Dad Collective with over 50 Instadads and creators, non-exclusively, signed-up and ready work on brand campaigns. 

With a combined following of over 600,000, the reach of Dad Collective as a whole is vast and fills a huge gap in the world of influencer marketing, which is on track to be a billion-dollar industry in 2020. 

Dadsnet influencer

Designed to work with brands that will bring a genuine value to parents, to make their lives easier or better in some way, Dad Collective believes that advertising goes beyond an image, a video or a story. It should be about moments; relatable moments that provoke authentic conversation.

Adam Riches (@Thehonestdad), a member of The Dad Collective, comments, “Dad Collective has been a real breath of fresh air in an otherwise crowded and sometimes confusing market. Dad Collective campaigns are professional, clear and always briefed simply… best of all, the team support you from start to finish. If you’re not signed up, what’re you waiting for?” 

Dad Collective is the idea of The Dadsnet founder and CEO, Al Ferguson, who adds, “As society continues to pursue equality within certain sectors, especially parenting, Dad-Influencers are becoming more and more    valuable to brands as part of their marketing strategies. Dad Collective aims to connect the very best ‘Instadads’ with the very best brands.” 

Dad Collective saves brands a huge amount time, energy and money whilst still delivering the same results as if they themselves ran the campaign – commercial ROI that influencers are becoming integral to.

Jamie Spiers (@father_by_the_sea) says, “Dad Collective has given me an exciting opportunity to work alongside like-minded Dads with exciting brands. The brands are of genuine interest to me and my children, so we have lots of fun creating the content! We are looking forward to working with Dad Collective more in the future.”

Dad Collective is working with some of Europe’s largest agencies to help them source quality, Dad-Influencers and has already worked with brands such as Tesco, Amazon, Huel, eOne, Bandai and Reading Eggs.