Red Castle’s ‘Cocoonababy’ is specifically designed for newborns by a paediatric physiotherapist in collaboration with medical professionals and can be used as a daytime lounger to help ease transition from mummy’s tummy to the outside world. Used by thousands of parents worldwide, this safe, lightweight and portable cocoon can aid baby’s development too!

The Cocoonababy is unique and different to any other product on the market. It offers baby a comforting, reassuring, womb-like surrounding through its slightly inclined, semi-foetal cushioning and helps babies acclimatise to new surroundings, easing the transition from womb to world, as well as assist in baby achieving better quality sleep.


Birth is a time when a baby says goodbye to its snug, warm ‘home’ for the last nine months. The security of their habitual cramped yet comfortable darkness is replaced with bright lights, open space, shapes and movements. So, as you can imagine, after leaving their cosy confines, baby is startled with how far they can now stretch their limbs. This is where the Cocoonababy can cleverly comfort and reassure during a baby’s crucial first few months ‘on the outside’.

Importantly, it can also help limit the onset of some of the most common adaptation difficulties that can upset babies during their first months including reflux, colic and waking with a start, as well as improving the overall quality of their sleep.

Its design means that it is not only super comfortable, it can also help to ease some common conditions, as well as support baby’s position and relieve any strain on baby’s head to prevent flat head syndrome. Because it is so lightweight, it is really easy for parents to take from room-to-room when cracking on with chores, or when out visiting friends or family.

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