Designed with safety and comfort in mind, the Ameda Mya Joy Double Electric Breast Pump, a hospital-strength pump, is compact and lightweight, making it convenient and easy-to use. It also features the world’s only FDA-cleared pump kit (HygeiniKit) that helps protect breast milk from contaminants.

In addition, the Mya Joy has a wide range of settings including single or double pumping, mum-friendly features and varying flange sizes. Its battery-operated function means it can clip onto a waist band or pocket so mums can even pump on-the-go. It’s also extremely quiet, perfect for discreet pumping anywhere and its small size means it can easily fit in changing bags.

Amy Sellers, Marketing Manager at CMS comments:

“The Breast Pump category is of course extremely competitive and so we are delighted to introduce a product that offers innovative features to make it a new stand-out option for mums thanks to lots of unique elements including of course hospital strength pumping, the FDA approved HygieniKit and of course its compact size.”

The Ameda range also features a single one-handed manual Breast Pump.

The launch of the Ameda Mya Joy Double Electric Breast Pump will also be supported with a PR, social strategy and influencer marketing campaign.

Ameda has a 60 year heritage with the nursery sector and Staffordshire-based CMS are the exclusive distributor of Ameda products in the UK.

For further information, please contact CMS on 01538 399 541

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