UK distributor, Hippychick, has announced it has EIGHTEEN new lines of Classic World wooden toys in stock and ready for retailers’ Autumn/Winter sales.

“Great products at good margins, with affordable RRPs, low MOQs and excellent sell through – as a retailer in these uncertain times what is not to like? Alan, Mike and Sarah are here to take your orders online, on the phone or by email!”

RRPs range from £6.50 – £210 so there is something for every pocket.  All lines are in stock and selling fast, with new stock due in mid-September. Retailers are advised to place orders now to avoid disappointment!

  • No less than TEN of the new SKUS have RRPs under £25
  • All are easy, giftable, pick up lines
  • Packaging is calmer and relevantly themed
  • All toys are designed specifically to encourage learning through play
  • No price increases on Classic World!  Hippychick has aimed to maintain prices for retailers this year and have so far have managed to do so.
About Classic World

Classic World takes children’s development very seriously and has a French design team working closely with teachers and early childhood development specialists to provide toys that are specific for all pre-school ages.  New lines range from a Hercules Weightlifting game to Dentist Set, beautiful Vintage Kitchen to retro Play Telephone, Tree House to Flower Cottage, and a Hedgehog Pounding Bench to a mini me Coffee Maker.

Retailers are encouraged to place orders now for what is already looking like being a busy Autumn.

Contact information for retailers

Email Call 01278 434440 or browse the new range here –

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