Belgian family business, Childhome, is passionate about providing safe, innovative baby products. They’ve been weathering the lockdown storm by working as a team and focussing on customer service, e-commerce and creative solutions – and they’re gearing up for the potential baby boom next year.

'Coronials' - the new generation

They say the stay-at-home pandemic has caused people to cuddle up and spend more time together. “We are expecting these months to be very busy. Therefore, we are working hard to present our new 2021 collection to our professional clients. We might say we are getting ready for the new ‘coronials’,” said Cédric Rodrigues, Head of Sales.

In the absence of Kind+Jugend, Childhome is showcasing their upcoming collection of more than 100 new items in a preview housed in their own Childhome Inspiration Showroom, through video consultations for overseas customers. In addition, the company will also be increasing their online activity, social presence and adding more models to both the Mommy Bag and Ebolu chair collection. 

For more information or to find out about their range, visit or drop them an email.

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