CarGoSeat has revealed the results of its independent survey of over one thousand UK parents, with a high percentage admittedly unclear about car safety laws and putting their children in danger when travelling.

The survey commissioned by the innovative car booster seat and pull-along wheelie case business in July, revealed that almost 40% of parents were ignorant to correct UK safety regulations, with 37% of parents surveyed unaware it is a legal requirement for children to use an appropriate car seat when travelling, when not in the family car, for all but exceptional journeys. Worryingly, over a third of the respondents had knowingly put their children at risk and admitted to using a car seat without being sure of its history and over 10% did not factor in safe travel for their children when making decisions around car hire.

Jim Hutchison, Managing Director, Mainetti UK comments; “We weren’t overly shocked by the results of our survey nor by the high percentage of parents not clear on car seat regulations and willingly taking risks with every journey. CarGoSeat actually came about when the inventor had a lightbulb moment when travelling with his children, and he felt there should be an easier and more practical solution to make every day travel and trips away practical and easy.”

Over half the parents surveyed admitted to not knowing when it’s safe and legal for a child to travel without a car seat, with over 51% thinking over 8’s were exempt from any form of regulation. UK law states children should normally travel with a car seat to 12 years old, or 135cm tall, whichever comes first. CarGoSeat is available in four fun colour options and suitable for children between 22kg and 36kg and at least 125cm tall, so older children can travel in comfort and style offering a great solution for confused parents.

CarGoSeat is crash-tested and regulated to ECE R44/04. Due to its practical, lightweight design the seat is easy to keep hygienically clean and sanitised, with a removable washable cushion for extra peace of mind.

The survey was commissioned during July 2021 with 1,007 parents, in line with the current UK market research guidelines. For more information on the results please contact