Colourful potty-training specialist Bright Bots has released an updated version of their hugely popular Washable Potty Training Pants.

The new pants have an improved waterproof lining and absorbency in the gusset area, with a combination of cotton Terry and PUL, which is waterproof, breathes and is soft and flexible, making leaks even more unlikely.

The washable pants are designed to look and feel like ‘big boys and girls’ pants unlike a disposable nappy or pull on. Bright Bots have designed the Washable Potty-Training Pants to help progress through potty training by ensuring that the child feels wet if there is an accident and therefore helping them to learn that they need to go to the toilet. The additional absorbency will help with small accidents.

The colourful range is also appealing to children with a wide selection of 12 colours to choose from. They have been released in four different sizes ranging from Small which would fit a 12-month-old, up to Extra Large which is ideal for up to around four years of age.

Bright Bots CEO Caroline Taylor said: “We are delighted to be releasing an updated version of our Bright Bots Washable Potty Training Pants. The product is very successful with stockists saying they fly off the shelves and the feedback from their customers is that the pants make a huge difference to the success of potty training.

“Our use of the very highest quality materials means they are comfortable, well-fitting and most importantly for parents, the additional improvements to the gusset zone mean the pants feel wet to the child but contain those little accidents very nicely!”

The Bright Bots range also includes Undies for those just past the potty-training stage who still value the comfort and bright colours, as well as colourful muslin squares and Terry squares.

For more information contact Bright Bots on, on 01295 810008.